BlueJeans Live Streaming Software

Broadcast multi-party, interactive Facebook Live events using BlueJeans live streaming software. Easy moderator controls help connect clients, presenters, and attendees with a self-service, professional grade live video and broadcasting platform in a shared, interactive environment.

BlueJeans Facebook Live Integration

BlueJeans live streaming software supports multi-party broadcasting via Facebook Live by connecting up to 150 remote participants or live multiple camera feeds. Attendees can participate as the event happens by joining from mobile devices, laptops, and conference room systems—enjoying BlueJeans’ signature interoperability, HD video and crystal clear Dolby Voice.

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Live Streaming Software Boosts Engagement
and Retention

Real-time, video events deliver more attendees, more likes, more comments, and more shares. BlueJeans live streaming software in tandem with Facebook Live transform your video broadcast from a single presenter, single location to a dynamic multi-presenter, multi-location event. BlueJeans live streaming software fuels on-the-go communication, whether broadcasting a training session, product launch or announcement, and provides audiences with signature experiences.

Live Meeting Controls

Moderate & Control Video Layouts

Whether you are live streaming a conference, keynote speaker or panel discussion, control BlueJeans features during any live streaming event, including customizable polling and chat functionality so participants can ask questions or share comments. Enjoy unlimited Facebook live streaming, event recording, along with live screen and content sharing.

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Advanced Live Streaming Software

BlueJeans is an agile, cloud-based, live streaming software platform enabling high quality, interactive experiences without the expense and management of a production team. Broadcast instant or scheduled events and share your next event with BlueJeans’ Live Event Assist services, available before, during and after your event.


Leverage Exclusive Content

During and after your event, BlueJeans live streaming software offers effective marketing opportunities. Recorded footage, comments, and other valuable data, help quantify the success of your event, and can be repurposed on your website and through social channels. Facebook live streaming with BlueJeans motivates and incentivizes viewer participation with exclusive content audiences won’t get anywhere else.

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