Business Video Conferencing

Enterprise communication is key to a successful business. At Blue Jeans Network, we make enterprise communication more efficient, cost-effective, and secure, so business can stop worrying about how they're going to communicate, and start focusing on what they wish to communicate.

Because of our secure platform that supports widespread interoperability and the capacity for up to 25 participants in a single video conference, businesses can streamline their communications efforts like never before. With the Large Meetings add-on feature, Blue Jeans can support up to 100 endpoints!

Let's take a look at some of the ways in which Blue Jeans business video conferencing is changing the way we approach B2B communication.


Blue Jeans is equipped with enterprise grade security functions to ensure that users are protected. Using firewalls, NAT traversals, and encryptions, Blue Jeans users don't need to worry about jeopardizing their data over an unsecured connection.

Enterprise Scalability

As a video conferencing platform, Blue Jeans is uniquely situated for easy adoption and enterprise scaling. Without the need for investments in equipment or software, businesses can begin using Blue Jeans the day they sign up for service. Whether they prefer to access their meetings via smartphone, tablet, desktop, or room system, the option is left to each individual.

Our cloud-based interface makes it easy to add individual licenses and virtual ports as the need arises, so businesses can adjust service to fit their needs as they grow. As businesses add more employees, they can take advantage of Blue Jeans' command center to maintain organized, easily managed communications.

Blue Jeans also integrates with calendar programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar, making it easy to keep existing appointments and schedule new meetings.

System Interoperability

In addition to enabling connections across different devices, Blue Jeans is designed for optimal system interoperability, which allows meeting participants to connect from the platform of their choice. Whether users are connecting with clients through a Polycom system, Microsoft Lync, or a Google Hangout, there's no barrier to entry. Participants can simply click a URL invitation and begin the meeting quickly, efficiently, and without a fuss.

Sign up for your two week unlimited free trial with Blue Jeans Network and start using web based video conferencing today!