BlueJeans Enables Universal Video and Audio Conferencing for Organizations of All Sizes

BlueJeans Network takes cloud-based video and audio conferencing to the next level making face to face conversations more effective. With BlueJeans virtual video and audio conferences, anyone can effortlessly connect with colleagues, partners, and customers anywhere, from any smart device, desktop or room system in brilliant HD surround sound featuring Dolby Voice and The Dolby Conference Phone.

The Next Generation of Communication

Today, businesses of all sizes rely on video and audio conferencing services to keep their employees connected. However, the high cost of audio conferencing equipment can make it difficult to keep pace while new software integrations often seem clunky and slow to adapt. With BlueJeans, you never have to worry about these headaches again. Instead, you can start your employees down the path to better productivity by empowering each of them to host or join a video meeting featuring Dolby sound right from their desktop computers, smart devices, or even existing conference room systems. 

Workplace audio conference call

Audio Conferences Built to Impress

At BlueJeans, we understand that sometimes you just can’t meet over video due to a poor wireless connection. But, having access to easy audio conferencing means that you don’t have to miss out on your meeting. Flexibility and convenience for attendees is key. In case you didn’t catch the entire meeting the first time, our cloud-based platform supports a recording feature that allows attendees to save and share their conversations (multimedia content and all) for later viewing. That’s why BlueJeans iOS and Android apps allow for crystal clear audio conferences even on the go.

Start Collaborating Like a Pro

What are you waiting for? Stop wasting money on pricey and inconsistent audio conferencing services and complex hardware installations and embrace the future of instant, cloud-based group collaboration. If you are ready to enjoy a better, one click video and audio conference experience, BlueJeans is the only way to go. Start your free trial today!