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Yesware Hosts More Effective Sales Meetings with Blue Jeans Video Conferencing

About Yesware

Yesware provides an email productivity service for salespeople. They launched in 2011 with a free inbox add-on, which allows users to see when their emails are opened, which links are clicked, create templates for common messages and sync emails with CRM systems. With this robust solution, sales managers are able to see activity-based reports and performance details while salespeople can be more effective in their communications with prospects.

The buying process with Blue Jeans went very smoothly. They had come highly recommended from several references and haven’t disappointed. The service has been extremely easy to deploy and maintain.
Matthew Bellows, CEO

Why Blue Jeans

The Yesware sales team was quick to adopt the Blue Jeans service after rollout and have been effectively utilizing the technology to host collaborative, face-to-face video meetings with their clients and prospects. Blue Jeans also helps facilitate more productive internal meetings for employees in different office locations.

Prior to integrating Blue Jeans, Yesware was utilizing a number of different communication tools along with multiple types of video endpoints, including conference room systems and built-in laptop cameras. Blue Jeans provided a way to easily bridge their current infrastructure into one seamless collaboration solution.


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