Team Rubicon Speeds Response Time with BlueJeans Video Calls

Industry: Emergency Response
HQ Location: Los Angeles, CA


Team Rubicon is an international, non-government, veteran service organization that uses disaster response to help reintegrate veterans back into civilian life. They implemented BlueJeans video calling to expedite and coordinate relief efforts in numerous regions throughout the country. 


  • With regions all over the country, they needed a service for quick, efficient face to face meetings. 

  • Moving beyond audio-only calls for better results and more in-depth interactions.



BlueJeans interoperability allowed meetings to happen with one-touch virtually anywhere across smart phones, desktops and traditional video conferencing endpoints. 



  • Rolling out BlueJeans took less than 24 hours and its simplicity allowed users to instantly take to it.  

  • BlueJeans expedited relief efforts by providing easy video call access to personnel in the field.