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St. Vincent's Hospital


St Vincent’s Hospital is responsible for approximately 700 joint replacements a year, with each patient requiring routine reviews for up to ten years post surgery.

St Vincent’s provides an Elective Surgery Access Service which offers surgery to patients who have endured long wait times.

Often these patients are required to travel long distances from rural areas to attend their pre and post operation review appointments in Melbourne.


The demand for joint replacements is rising rapidly due to an aging population, which has immediate effects on St Vincent’s ability to consult patients in a timely and consistent manner.

Many of the patients living in regional and remote areas of Australia complained of travelling long distances, expensive transport costs and troubles securing time off work, when attending review appointments in Melbourne.

St Vincent’s wanted to take advantage of new cloud technology to ultimately improve services, reduce patient wait times and improve the level of ongoing care, by ensuring patients kept to their review appointments and communicated effectively with their assigned healthcare professional.


BlueJeans allowed patients to complete post joint arthroplasty review appointments from the comfort of their own home. St Vincent’s healthcare professionals had a clear view of the patient to access their functional activities, such as walking and movement of the limbs.

Patient’s reported saving an average of $77 per week and hours of travel time during the post operation review process. Their feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with 94% finding BlueJeans user friendly and 100% indicating that they would use it again.

The use of BlueJeans has also reduced SVHM total costs through increased efficiency of patients attending appointment on time and other costs associated with travel.

We were surprised at how well we were able to view the patient through BlueJeans. It meant that we could provide a patient centered service without compromising quality of care.
Stephanie Carroll,
Senior Physiotherapist and Telehealth Coordinator





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