Silver Chain Delivers Patient Treatment Efficiencies with BlueJeans Video Calls

Industry: Healthcare
HQ Location: Perth, AU 
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Over 100 years old, Silver Chain is a non-profit organization operating in multiple locations to provide high-quality in-home health and aged care services for families across Australia. BlueJeans video meetings support leading edge telemedicine so clinicians can impact the lives of patients anywhere.



  • Difficulty partnering with clinicians in the field to provide more effective, holistic patient treatment.
  • Consistently making patient appointments convenient, timely, and efficient.


  • As a cloud-based service, BlueJeans is easy, secure and reliable for internal staff, patients and clinicians in the field.
  • BlueJeans over Telstra's 4G network allows Silver Chain staff to connect with field clinicians via numerous smart devices for real-time care that hadn't been possible.


  • BlueJeans enabled more effective, simple to use internal communications third-party meetings, and trainings.
  • Silver Chain extended care to remote patients who previously were unable to access their services and medical expertise.
  • BlueJeans efficiency and ease of use allowed Silver Chain staff to treat larger numbers of patients.


Watch Customer Video