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Video Conferencing for
a Global Cause


Global Witness is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to breaking the links between natural resource exploitation, conflict, corruption, environmental degradation and human rights abuses worldwide. They have nearly 90 employees worldwide with offices in London, Washington D.C., Europe and Asia.

As an organization whose business is dependent on relaying information and data points from multiple countries and working with colleagues and partners who are based in remote locations, reliable communication is essential. The team at Global Witness utilizes Blue Jeans for both internal meetings—like inter-company updates—and external meetings—such as collaborating with other NGOs or meeting with suppliers.

Reliability and availability were two key factors considered by the Global Witness team as they sought out a video conferencing solution. While some providers claim to offer a similar cloud-based solution, none met the needs of Global Witness like Blue Jeans could.

It made us feel like one organization. It has done a lot for the communication between offices and is an absolutely indispensable tool.
Dave Lipsey, IT, Consultant, Global Witness


Before becoming a Blue Jeans customer, employees at Global Witness were encouraged to use free video software to connect for face-to-face meetings. In addition, multiple conference room systems were available throughout their global offices. When demand for these rooms increased, and the limitations of the free software became apparent, Global Witness sought out a solution that could allow the interoperability between different platforms, but without the added cost and maintenance of additional infrastructure.


As a new employee at Global Witness, you are given your own Blue Jeans login and trained on how to easily set up and host a meeting. Beyond its ease of use, the platform’s Microsoft Outlook plug-in was another feature that set Blue Jeans apart. Having the ability to schedule a meeting right from within Outlook has lead to exponential growth and adoption of the service. In just six months, Global Witness has seen a 33% increase in usage and expects that trend to continue upward.






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