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Casting made simple with Blue Jeans

Envision Studios saves nearly 5X

The entertainment and advertising industry is a global business with no geographic boundaries. Acting talent may sit in LA, the ad agency in New York, the casting director in Prague, and the production company in Vancouver. In order to make the creative art of a new ad campaign come to life, all parties must come together to choose the new face of their product.

At the center of this industry is Envision Studios – a leader in the commercial casting business that was the first casting studio to utilize video conferencing on a broad scale. Today, Envision Studios has 10 casting facilities outfitted with near broadcast quality video conferencing and affiliations with roughly 30 more video enabled facilities worldwide.

To better cater to the needs of their busy and global clients’ video experience, Envision worked with service providers to make multi-party connections possible. These traditional bridge providers, however, were expensive and didn’t support applications like Skype, which their clients wanted to use. Envision wanted to move to a cloud-based solution that would allow them to save money and offer more flexibility to support connections to consumer applications like Skype.

Blue Jeans  was the solution they were looking for, making it possible to bring casting directors watching via their iPad in Florida into a casting call with actors in Santa Monica who are reading scripts in front of Envision’s Polycom H323 system and ad agencies who are on their office PC. 

With Blue Jeans we can easily bring together actors, casting directors, ad agencies, and producers in one convenient place connecting room systems to Skype. Blue Jeans has allowed us to bridge the gap between what our clients want and what we can provide. It’s really transformed the way we do business. When we found Blue Jeans, the light went on. This is what we were looking for. We were immediately excited about the possibilities.
Ryan Malleus, Director of West Coast Operations

Enabling New Businesses & Cost Savings

In addition to the value Blue Jeans has brought to casting, Blue Jeans has also made it possible for Envision to cater to new business segments like working with headhunters on recruiting, and lawyers on legal depositions. Using the Blue Jeans service, attorneys can be in Chicago, other lawyers in Denver, and witnesses in New York.

By far, the best part of what Blue Jeans offers Envision is that it allows effective casting of new stars in a cost-efficient way with nearly 500% cost savings. Using traditional video bridging services was getting far too costly and even when evaluating other cloud solutions, Blue Jeans won out.

When we found Blue Jeans, the light went on. This is what we were looking for. We were immediately excited about the possibilities.

Business situation:
  • Envision clients wanted an easy way to interact with potential acting talent.
  • Clients asked to conference in from remote locations using applications they already have like Skype.


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Envision Studios Case Study

  • Envision switched from their traditional conferencing provider to Blue Jeans.
  • The Blue Jeans Unlimited Minutes Plan saved Envision nearly 500% in costs while providing the simple, easy to use connection customers demanded.