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Distance and E-Learning Made Simple with Blue Jeans Network

Making E-Learning More Interactive

Dishup Today is the premier global, online, live e-kitchen learning service. It's a place where passionate people meet to share stories about food and cooking, create groups, contribute to forums, and build relationships that span countries and cultures.

Dishup Today believes in the importance of life skills and aspires to make learning about food and cooking fun, informative and enriching.

To successfully launch their business online, Dishup Today needed a video platform that allowed everyday people to join a class, regardless of video device.

The future of distance learning is on the Blue Jeans Network platform. It empowers our business to try a fresh approach to the traditional brick & mortar cooking classes.
Chris Moffa, Founder of Dishup Today

In addition to hosting their classes online, Dishup Today uses Blue Jeans to interview potential instructors, both trained chefs and home cooks, as they expand their course offerings. Using the Blue Jeans service, Dishup Today, based in Denver, interviewed candidates from Chicago and New York, tapping into the knowledge base of some of the world’s top chefs — people who otherwise would have been unavailable.

Choosing Blue Jeans Over Other Vendors

After testing other solutions, the team felt that Blue Jeans Network was the best at meeting Dishup Todays’ business needs.

Dishup Today listed benefits such as:

  • Quality: Video connections were above average compared with other competitors that offered similar solutions. Clear streaming of video and crisp audio made selecting Blue Jeans a no-brainer, they said.
  • Interoperability: Support of many video conferencing products (Web browers, Google Chat) with a toll-free dial-in audio option for those with Internet challenges.
  • Ease of configuration: Each participant can self-select a view that is visually aesthetic and that helps to create the best virtual learning environment.

Dishup Today sees the Blue Jeans video conferencing platform as an essential part of their success.

Blue Jeans Network gave me the confidence to focus on growing my business instead of worrying about whether the technology would work.
Chris Moffa, Founder of Dishup Today

Business situation:

Dishup Today looked for an easy-to-use, device-agnostic video conferencing platform to help launch their business into the virtual world.


Using the Blue Jeans platform, cooking class participants can join from home on their personal laptops without downloading any software. Participants no longer have to sacrifice high-quality video meetings for a one-dimensional video experience.

From online cooking class tutorials to interviewing chefs around the country (and world), Dishup Today is finding unique opportunities to incorporate Blue Jeans into their everyday activities.