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Capture the best ideas the moment they happen

Every organization is searching for the silver bullet that unlocks better team collaboration. Success builds on deploying communications tools that facilitate real-time idea sharing and drive forward progress.  

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Ad-hoc huddles

The explosion of open office workspaces has accelerated the need for organizations to carve out video-enabled huddle spaces that support ad-hoc and unplanned meetings with the touch of a button.  

Read Frost & Sullivan’s Four Keys to Implementing High-Value Huddle Spaces.


Smarter meetings

Being able to capture the most important discussion points, assign action items, and catch-up quickly on meetings you may have missed, not only reduces how long meetings last, but also ensures everyone is clear on next steps. 

Learn more about our in-app intelligence capabilities - BlueJeans Smart Meetings.

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Award-Winning Technology

BlueJeans Rooms and BlueJeans Meetings provide an intelligent audio and video experience that unleashes your team to work better together.

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World-class Interop ensures that regardless of the room your team members are in, the join experience will be familiar and flawless.


Microsoft Teams-Enabled

Leverage the BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams to connect your existing room systems to Microsoft Teams Meetings.


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