Conference video calls can help disaster teams communicate more effectively.


In the wake of natural disasters, time is of the essence. First responders must be able to coordinate their efforts quickly and efficiently to provide relief as soon as possible. That's why the disaster team - Team Rubicon, an international response organization, has turned to conference video calls by BlueJeans.

What are the Benefits of Video Calls for Disaster Relief Teams?

Unlike voice, text, and instant messaging, video conference calls offer disaster team responders the ability to visualize a situation and communicate with individuals or groups who are separated by distance. By using BlueJeans, Team Rubicon can connect disaster teams in different regions in near-real-time, expediting relief efforts and saving lives. What's more, BlueJeans is accessible from any device, so responders can stay connected even in the most remote areas. Effective communication is essential for coordinating relief efforts but traditional methods of communication are often unusable. The ease with which BlueJeans conference calls could be set up and accessed meant that vital information could be quickly shared amongst relief workers. This was crucial in coordinating the work of disaster teams on the ground. As a result, BlueJeans played an important role in the efficient coordination of relief efforts.

How do conference video calls help disaster teams communicate?

BlueJeans Meetings allow disaster teams to move beyond audio-only calls for better results and more in-depth interactions. It is a quick and efficient way to connect with other team members and partners face-to-face. BlueJeans' interoperability allows meetings to happen with one touch on smartphones, desktops, or traditional video conference endpoints - all without having any need for additional software installation. They also provide features such as screen sharing and recording to share critical information quickly and efficiently.

Why BlueJeans for Disaster Response Communication?

By being able to quickly connect with people both near and far, BlueJeans’ conference video calls help disaster teams more effectively assess the damage, manage relief efforts, and keep everyone up-to-date on the progress.

With BlueJeans, disaster team organizations can stay in touch with employees, customers, and partners no matter where they are located - making it the perfect solution for disaster response communication. Try BlueJeans Video Conferencing for free with a 14-day trial.