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Align Your Team

Engage large audiences with interactive presentations that drive tighter organizational alignment with these best practices.


Be Transparent

At many organizations, change seems like the only constant. Successful leaders recognize that consistent and transparent information-sharing empowers employees to navigate the everyday challenges they face in their jobs.

Watch how Illumina does it.

Engage, Inspire, and Educate

Executive Town Halls

When delivering the annual plan, announcing a recent acquisition, or reporting quarterly performance, executives want the audience focused on the content, not the technology, thereby putting a premium on robust moderator controls that mitigate distractions and shine a spotlight on the topic of the day.

Check out this blog on best practices for ensuring a successful event.

Departmental All-Hands

Social media has transformed people’s perception of how they can participate in large, distributed conversations in real-time. The same expectation holds in the workplace, driving senior managers to invest in all-hands technology so everyone on the team can share the stage.

Review the Buyer’s Guide for All-Hands Technology.

Co-Located Virtual Training

With on-site training costs going through the roof, it’s no surprise that virtual onboarding and sales training have become commonplace. That said, leading organizations are leveraging existing room system infrastructure to co-locate regional teams during training events to build camaraderie and motivate employees.

Watch this video blog about virtual training best practices.


How BlueJeans can help:

No Hassle Livestreaming

BlueJeans Events seamlessly livestreams to desktops, mobile devices, and conference rooms to engage all attendees, wherever they are located.

No Download Required

With WebRTC, desktop participants can join directly thorough the browser to ensure that everyone can participate without having to learn another app.

No Network Issues

BlueJeans Accelerator manages enterprise bandwidth to ensure all Events participants receive superior video and audio quality without taxing your network.

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Experience meetings with HD video and Dolby Voice audio. Your meetings have never been this productive.