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BlueJeans Events for Video Production

Broadcast any public or private presentation to thousands of participants with HD video and Dolby Voice audio. Schedule and manage keynote speeches, panel discussions, and corporate functions with BlueJeans Events.


Production-Grade Quality for Large-Scale Audiences

Text BoxPlan, manage, and launch your next live presentation with complete control and customization according to your technical vision. Move beyond the limits of your current webinar solution – BlueJeans Events is architected for your production house.

Integrate any A\V Brand

Get all the best aspects of a studio broadcast wrapped into a single software solution. BlueJeans gives production managers the flexibility to use any camera, audio, conferencing unit, or switching console to create the highest quality event presentation. Leverage your entire hardware stack with BlueJeans Events for end-to-end video support.

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High-Capacity Video Production

Open the virtual doors to your event for whomever you wish to attend. BlueJeans Events supports up to 50,000 attendees and 150 on-camera presenters. Securely invite guests with role-based access for moderators, presenters and attendees to ensure your event runs smoothly. Event managers effectively communicate with all participants through a comprehensive dashboard for Q&A, chat, polling, and more.
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Moderator Dashboard

Produce primetime presentations with ease. Participants experience the best aspects of broadcast media plus the engagement and interactivity of a cloud-based platform. Simply click to join large-scale events in any browser and strengthen the conversation with real-time communication features.

Host better events with BlueJeans

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