As was the case with almost every company, the immediate impact of COVID-19 and shift to remote work for the masses had a major impact on the BlueJeans network infrastructure. But while many organizations were busy outfitting their networks and employees with the tools necessary to handle the added pressure of a completely remote workforce, our major challenge was to make sure our networks could support their increasing and/or new demands. The success of the new ‘remote work reality’ quickly became a major responsibility of the video conferencing industry—and one that no vendor was fully prepared for.

Thanks to the quick-thinking (and long nights) of our amazing engineering team, using AWS we were able to scale up beyond our existing hybrid cloud infrastructure in record time and stay ahead of the traffic increases so that our customers old and new could use our services seamlessly. This, in turn, allowed us to focus on accelerating our product innovation around ease-of-use and security to better support the way people work today.

So how did the BlueJeans tech stack have to fundamentally change? According to our CTO, Alagu Periyannan, supporting our network traffic surges simply wouldn’t have been possible without our hybrid IT model—and more specifically, the cloud saved the day! As a cloud video conferencing, we have long touted the benefits of leveraging cloud computing to support growth at scale.

Last week, he took the virtual stage at the DatacenterDynamics NY Conference to discuss how the BlueJeans infrastructure was able to secure around-the-clock runtime for customers at the start of the pandemic through our support of hosted and public cloud networks.

From September 1-3, DatacenterDynamics hosted a global conversation about how the relationship between the Enterprise and their data centers is shifting in response to the pandemic. Kicking things off in the opening keynote panel, “How did our infrastructure cope with the explosive demand from home working?” Alagu shared the BlueJeans story alongside peers from across industries.

Joined by Nitin Rao, SVP, Global Infrastructure at Cloudflare, and Bashir Agboola, CTO, Hospital for Special Surgery, the engaging conversation moderated by DatacenterDynamics CMO Dan Loosemore, touched on how each organization was able to (separately) quickly adapt business strategies and shift network operations to make sure there was enough capacity for exponential growth.

From January to February, we saw a 4x increase in usage in China and 3x across Asia Pacific alone.

At BlueJeans, our customers come first—which is why our first line of business was to do whatever we could to ensure their business continuity during this period of instability. This meant our service could not afford to go down during this time of rapid growth to the network.

We closely monitored the situation and optimized our services, added capacity and made adjustments as needed to keep organizations around the world up and running safely.

To learn more about how BlueJeans and other leading organizations leveraged the cloud to maintain business operations during the start of the pandemic, check out this DatacenterDynamics article and listen to the session recording today.

We are thankful that we could help so many during this challenging time, and we look forward to serving more customers in their journey to remote work success. Test out your free trial of BlueJeans today!