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What's Next in the Future of Meetings?

These days it seems like everyone has smart home systems that respond to voice commands. Whether its an Amazon Echo, a Google Home, or the Apple HomePod, these systems play your favorite music, answer questions, and even control other in-home systems.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring the convenience of the artificial intelligence-powered voice solutions you use at home to work so you could start a virtual meeting or initiate meeting-related tasks with simple voice commands? In a recent BlueJeans survey, 77% of business leaders said they would welcome a meeting solution that could take meeting minutes automatically or in response to a voice command. The same percentage said they’d like their meeting solution to be able to take care of administrative tasks such as scheduling a follow-up meeting or sending out reminders automatically or upon voice activation.

Interest in Cloud Meeting Solution Feature Ideas - BlueJeans Global Survey

With BlueJeans, these features aren’t part of a future roadmap — end users can use them today. This is just one of the ways BlueJeans customers can benefit from a cloud meeting solution designed with the goal of increasing productivity and making meetings more actionable.

Modernizing the Meeting Experience

Modern businesses see smart technologies as part of their digital transformation strategy and continued efforts to make meetings more engaging and productive. BlueJeans supports this vision by collaborating constantly with our technology partners to set the new standard for cloud meeting solutions. 

At BlueJeans, we believe that meetings should be much more than one-directional, formal presentations hosted in a boardroom. They should be dynamic sessions that integrate your favorite collaboration tools to ensure that meetings—and teams—are as productive as they can be. BlueJeans integrations make features like these a reality today, with integrations with Voicera and Alexa for Business, among others. We recognize that virtual assistants are the future for meetings, and we’re working to make sure that the meeting experience is as streamlined as possible for users. 

Integrating with the Next Generation of Tools

Enhancing user experience and extending the value of meetings beyond a single event or moment in time with capabilities like voice-activated note taking and archiving makes meetings more actionable, and that means that you and your team are getting more done. We are excited about what the future holds and committed to pushing ourselves and our strategic technology relationships to deliver the next generation of tools to make meetings more productive and dynamic.

Survey respondents were enthusiastic about the forward-looking application of AI technology to make running their meetings even easier, including the ability to dial out to remote attendees, locate and contact late attendees, record action items for relevant team members, and surface meeting content relevant to specific attendees — all in response to a voice command or automatically, depending on meeting leader preferences.

We’re always listening to user suggestions and actively working to make BlueJeans smarter and more responsive by building in AI capabilities like these,  and others we haven’t even thought up yet.

Learn more about BlueJeans' integration with Voicera or read the full findings of the survey in our State of the Modern Meeting report.