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What Do You Need in an Online Meeting Solution?

Businesses of all kinds are adopting a new class of unified meetings platform, which incorporates the latest video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities and includes click-to-join connectivity from any device with no downloads. Bringing more effective communication between employees, these platforms offer reliable collaboration tools and live service intelligence, helping businesses to be more agile, increase efficiency, and achieve higher productivity—at a faster pace.

As digital transformation happens across today’s mobile workforce, traditional technology is being replaced by modern meetings. This means an increased need to accommodate and support the highly mobile and "always on" workforce. While there are hundreds of platforms out there, few provide the quality and reliability users expect. So how does someone find the right meetings solution for their business?

Great question! To assist you during the buying process, we’ve outlined critical features, use cases, and benefits to consider across four key evaluation criteria in our Buyer’s Guide to Online Meeting Solutions

Four Criteria of Meeting Solutions

Read the Buyer’s Guide to learn more about how these four criteria impact your business. The guide also includes a 10 point buying checklist, a list of key questions to consider, and a purchase criteria worksheet to help you track vendor specifications against your evaluation criteria. It’s an excellent resource for researching simple, modern, and trusted meetings so your workforce can do their best work.

Download the Buyer’s Guide to Online Meeting Solutions and start your buying journey today.