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Video Has Taken Over the Workplace

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The workplace transformation to video has been radically accelerated by the widespread use of personal social media channels. With platforms like Facebook and Snapchat putting a live video feed into the hands of millions, consumers are seeing the advantages video brings to general communication. And, employees see the opportunity video has in the workplace: 72% of workers believe that live video has the power to transform the way they communicate at work.

This video shift is now entering a full takeover of the workplace, especially on the all-hands and town hall meeting process as conference calls become a thing of the past. As the workforce becomes increasingly remote, the need to keep teams connected increases as well. Video and its innovative platforms have made significant strides in recent years to ensure being remote doesn’t negatively affect a relationship, highlighting the importance of face-to-face interaction.

How Video & Face-to-Face Communications Enables a More Collaborative Workplace

  • More Natural in a Connected World: Employees want to make connections and have a more in-depth understanding of how a client, colleague, or potential sales target is reacting. Much of that perception is visual, so if you solely rely on audio, you will never fully understand someone’s emotion and immediate reactions. They could come in the form of a shoulder shrug, hand motion, or something similar. By incorporating video into your communications, you are opening up a more natural way to communicate.
  • Video Is More Intimate: Whether internal or external, building relationships is an essential piece of professional growth. There is a particular type of connection that you don’t get when simply sending an email or making a cold call. Leveraging video allows teams to make personal connections and develop a genuine rapport with one another.
  • Video Builds Trust: Working remotely isn’t a new trend. However, the focus to build a strong, transparent office culture is becoming increasingly important. With video, employees can work flexible hours in any time zone and still feel like they’re a valued part of the team, engaging with the culture that has been built, all while creating the types of relationships you would normally see daily in a physical office. As an employee who is working offsite, team members will begin to trust and rely on you because video will help to build that personal connection.

Why Now?

It is time for the workplace to fully embrace video communications. Video isn’t new, yet many organizations still rely on audio-only communication because they haven’t been able to harness a video platform that meets all of their needs. Employees did not want to go through what was previously a labor-intensive process involving multiple clicks, confusing interfaces, camera adjustments and in some cases, low-quality video that doesn’t work. Now, effective video platforms actually exist, and with improvements constantly being made, employees can access video conversations directly from mobile devices and computers. We have truly hit a pivot within the industry.

What’s Next?

Video will be in every location moving forward; it will become pervasive. Offices are becoming increasingly “smart,” and you will be able to connect with the devices in the room with a simple click. When you add a meeting to a calendar, the room will be smart enough to automatically start the meeting by connecting you with your teammates via video. Video will become increasingly embedded in everything, giving you access to anyone no matter where they are working.

What We’re Doing 

BlueJeans works with industry-leading companies around the globe, helping them harness the power of video to build stronger connections throughout their entire company. Internally, we stream our board meetings and all-hands meetings company-wide to promote and maintain transparency with all our employees. Our vision is to connect every employee in every corner of the world via video to create collaborative teams. With employee engagement and empowerment in the minds of all managers, video allows everyone to feel connected and involved, something our organization strongly believes in.

The era of workplace video is now fully upon us. Get started with a BlueJeans trial.