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Video Communications of the Future, Today

The technology of video communications has long thought to be the stuff of science fiction. In the last decade, it has stepped out of that realm of the impossible and quickly become a tangible feature of our everyday life. From anywhere in the world, you can use video communications to collaborate with anyone on earth as clearly as if you were standing right in front of them – granted they have a Wi-Fi signal or mobile service.

Now that the technology is here, it's beneficial to take a look at its best uses and applications for the business world. This article is going to go over the top uses of video communications for your business and why you can have the future, today – with BlueJeans!

Reduced Travel
The most obvious benefit of video communications is the savings you'll receive on your travel budget. Face-to-face interactions are obviously the preferred method of business, but with telecom services becoming more and more affordable, it's a no brainer and a benefit to your bottom line. When you calculate the total number of trips annually taken as well as adding up the associated costs (food stipends, per diems, travel downtime, and transportation once in the destination) it becomes pretty clear why video communications are becoming such an attractive option.

BlueJeans resonates with its users in up to 1080p crystal-clear HD resolution, meaning it's as close to being in the same room as possible.

Increased Productivity
In many companies, it's not uncommon or out of the ordinary to have many satellite offices located across the country or even world. Most of the day-to-day communication is done through email, instant messaging or phone calls. Text-based communication can often lead to misunderstandings in tone and syntax. When video is implemented, you get the full range of facial communication and can read reactions much more effectively. As a result, collaboration is achieved at a quicker rate, causing productivity to increase and personnel to feel more in sync with each other's goals and project specifications.

Improves Communication Quality
The best collaboration depends on the highest quality communication possible. Phone conversations don't allow you to see the facial expressions and body language reactions from the other attendees. These are very important factors in effectively communicating. Imagine conferencing with a remote team on the other side of the world, who needed help with the assembly of a product. You could simply instruct them exactly how to complete assembly in real-time, as if you were there in the room with them.

There is no doubt about it: teams that communicate through video have the ability share information and exchange knowledge faster and more efficiently. BlueJeans paves the way, enabling precise live communication with all clients, investors, employee prospects and various other personnel.

Engage your attendees in the most enticing and user friendly way available on the market today by signing up for a 14-day unlimited free trial. Or check out our latest research report: ‘A Screen Star at Work' to learn more about how BlueJeans can revolutionize your organization's communications.