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Recruiting Without Boundaries: Using Video in HR

There is no denying that we're currently in a job seeker’s market. As the economy continues to gain momentum, organizations are adding jobs to meet escalating business demands. However, finding candidates for those open roles can be a struggle. In fact, it can often take up to 80 days—nearly three months—to fill open positions. This means that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs open at any point, and with the unemployment rate for college-educated workers well below the national unemployment rate, it can be difficult to find qualified employees.

All of this is driving organizations and their HR teams to look outside of their local markets to recruit the talent they need to succeed. Being open to hiring remote workers means businesses have more opportunity to locate the resources they need to meet the demands of today’s economy. It can also make them more appealing to younger candidates who covet flexible working arrangements.

But expanding the remote or virtual workforce can be difficult if HR teams are not equipped with the tools they need to rethink their approach to recruiting. As they begin to think about how to reach candidates anywhere and engage with them, as well as keep travel costs for remote employees low, it becomes increasingly obvious that a face-to-face (but cost effective) solution is needed. Enter video conferencing.

Connect with Candidates from Anywhere

With the right platform, recruiters and hiring managers alike can meet face-to-face with potential employees anytime, from wherever they may be. More personal than a phone conversation, video conferencing allows employers to see candidates and view body language, in addition to listening to how they respond to questions. And with a solution that allows in-browser meetings through WebRTC, video conferencing is also convenient for the candidate, with easy access and no download required.

Move Candidates Through the Process

Due to its flexibility, video conferencing is an ideal solution for interviews where candidates may need to meet with multiple people. Rather than requiring everyone to be available at the same time on the same day to meet with the candidate in person, they can simply join a video meeting when everyone is free. This is also a viable solution for candidate who would have to travel to attend an interview in-person, allowing organizations can save travel costs and time for everyone involved.

Onboard and Engage with New Employees

Especially for remote employees, video remains an important tool even once the offer has been signed. Everything from onboarding to team meetings can be conducted via video meeting, making it possible for remote employees to feel part of the team from afar. Video conferencing can help managers facilitate a warm welcome by introducing the new employee to colleagues and even allow for a remote “tour” of the office. And once the new employee has joined the team, video can help facilitate meetings to discuss performance, solicit feedback, and acknowledge achievements in a much more personal way than audio alone.

Video is a more efficient way to evaluate job candidates, both near and far, and to help remote workers feel connected to your organization from their first day on the job. With the right meetings platform, connecting with candidates and employees is easy and convenient—making it possible for everyone to do their best work.

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