Using BlueJeans isn’t hard, but there are hundreds of features to take advantage of when you start using the platform. In this version of Tech Tip Tuesday, we’ll teach you how (and why) to use Personal Meeting IDs when scheduling meetings via BlueJeans.

The Two Types of Meetings

When you set up a meeting with BlueJeans, you have the option of using either a “Personal Meeting ID” or a “One-Time Meeting ID.” The One-Time Meeting ID is exactly what it sounds like—it allows you to have one meeting (or one recurring meeting) using that meeting ID. Only those invited to the meeting will know the meeting ID, and thus only they can access that virtual meeting room. Using this type of meeting is great when you have back-to-back meetings or when you need an extra layer of security.

Unlike One-Time Meetings, Personal Meetings are permanent virtual meeting rooms that are always available and can be joined at any time. Each BlueJeans host has access to one Personal Meeting, and that ID can be shared at any time with any number of people. Personal Meetings are oftentimes used for scheduled meetings, but they are particularly useful for quick huddles and ad-hoc discussions with colleagues or clients.

Customizing Your Personal Meeting ID

The beauty of using a Personal Meeting is that you always have access to the meeting as long as you have access to BlueJeans. That said, no one wants to memorize a random set of numbers in order to pull up a meeting when the need arises. That’s why we make it easy to customize your Personal Meeting ID!

We recommend changing your default Personal Meeting ID to something you will easily remember. As long as it includes 9-18 numbers, you can use it for your personal meeting! I recommend using your phone number (as long as you don’t mind sharing it with others), your work ID, or a date that you will easily remember like your birthday, anniversary, or the day you started at your company. Even 8 digit numbers like dates can easily be made into nine numbers by adding a 1 at the beginning or end.

To customize your Personal Meeting ID, there are a few simple steps to take:

  1. Log in to your account by clicking My BlueJeans at
  2. Click on your initials in the gray bubble in the top-right corner. Bonus points if you've already uploaded your picture here!
  3. Select "Settings" from the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll down to "Default Scheduling Options" and make sure "My Meeting" is highlighted in blue.
  5. Click on "My Meeting ID" and change that number to the one you prefer.
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save Changes."

That’s it! Once you’ve saved your new Personal Meeting ID, you can start using it for both scheduled and ad-hoc video meetings. Easily ask people to join by sending them to “” when you want to start a meeting.

If you decide to use your Personal Meeting for all scheduled meetings, be aware of back-to-back meetings when scheduling. If your first meeting happens to run late or the participants in your second meeting join early, you could run into a situation where multiple people are all in the same virtual conference room.

Do you use a personal meeting ID? What other tips about personal meeting IDs do you have to share with BlueJeans users? Let us know in the comments!

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