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Slash Command: Interactive Video

It’s common knowledge that email is a pretty poor medium for group discussions, especially when one is looking for a rapid decision that is going to help guide a team forward on a project. Though historically, you really didn’t have much of a choice.

However, there’s hope.

Persistent chat solutions, like Slack, provide a much-needed alternative to email. One of its values is giving users the ability to have a flowing dialog with team members combined with an ongoing archive of the discussion allowing you to review notes, thoughts and decisions at a later time.

All that said, many times people have questions about the content within chat sessions that require fairly complex explanations and are better suited for a live discussion amongst the team.
Sure, the team could gather in an open conference room...if they can find one.  But, what’s the group to do when they’re located in different offices, time zones or even countries?

Here’s where the power of video communications can take over. With BlueJeans for Slack, individuals or teams can launch rich, multi-party video-based communications directly from within Slack. See how it works.



Users have the ability to invite individuals or multiple parties, and even share a single application or their full desktop. Oh and by the way, you can also invite people to participate in BlueJeans meetings even if they aren’t in your company or even use slack.

There will always be a desire to increase workplace productivity. With BlueJeans for Slack you get the flexibility of persistent chat and the efficiency of face-to-face communications for those times when you really need to bring your team together.

And since email is unlikely to disappear completely anytime soon, you should check out BlueJeans integrations with email and calendaring solutions such as Outlook and Google.
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