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Three Ways Consultants Can Use Video to Add Value

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Like most business coaches, I’m always looking for ways to reduce my own expenses while also elevating my client’s experiences. After all, providing a good experience for my clients is how I stay in business—but I can’t do that if I’m constantly spending money trying to keep them happy. This is where a video conferencing tool such as BlueJeans shines.

When I first began consulting, I wouldn’t go anywhere without my laptop bag, charger, and hotspot. I’d spend hours sitting in traffic and would often arrive at a client’s site hurried, rushing to collect myself before the meeting. Once in the meeting, you’d find me setting up as the client sat watching me and waiting for our session to officially begin. You know that feeling of others watching you as you struggle to get things done as quickly as possible? I was constantly wondering what type of impression I was making. How could this possibly be bringing value to the relationship I’m trying to build with this client? If only there was an easier way…

The good news is that there is. The better news is that it’s easier to implement than you may think. Read on to learn how video conferencing can help bring additional value to your consulting relationships, and save you the embarrassment of searching for an outlet in every room.

Video Allows Consultants to Control the Meeting Environment

In the scenario above, the perception is that I wasn’t prepared. The reality is that I was prepared; however, I wasn’t able to control the environment of the meeting and therefore I didn’t appear to be. Coordinating calendars, making travel plans, and preparing for an on-site visit can be time-consuming, embarrassing, and costly.

Video meetings eliminate the need to make travel arrangements and save the commuting time—oftentimes up to an hour each way. And most importantly, it allows you to control the meeting environment on your end, ultimately allowing you to focus on what is really important—delivering value to the client.  

Video Removes the Awkwardness of "Over-the-Shoulder" Training

The concept of personal space is not lost on consultants, yet when it comes to technical consulting, the need to take over a client’s computer occurs often. Do you lean across the keyboard to take over the client’s computer?  Do you take their seat as they watch over your shoulder? Do you stop and explain the step-by-step process? How long do you wait for them to take notes so that they know how to replicate the process later without your assistance? 

There are so many things to consider.  This is where video conferencing with screen sharing is a life saver. The ability for the consultant to share their screen, or request control of a client’s screen, while the client observes the process respects personal space boundaries while providing an effective training environment.  

Video Offers Recording for Easy Reference

Documenting meetings and trainings are often labor-intensive tasks. However, recording the meeting greatly reduces the time required to perform that function. In my business, I record each client session and then provide the client with a copy of the recording. This allows the client to focus on the content of the meeting rather than taking notes, and it allows me to focus on answering specific questions without having to stop and document changes to the process. If there is something technical that we’re reviewing, or a step-by-step process, I’ll ask the client to make note of the time for easy reference later. Plus, if documenting the meeting is required, the task can be later delegated to an assistant using the recording as a reference. 

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I have the pleasure of working with extraordinary entrepreneurs all over the world.  Although I’ve met many of my clients in person, there are many who I’ve only met online.  It’s tools like BlueJeans that provide a consultant like me the ability to help small business owners better navigate the digital marketing landscape so that they can market their businesses effectively. Without video conferencing, my business—and the businesses of my clients—would be much different.

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