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The Future of Audio is Video: The Hair Dryer Test

Nonverbal communication is important. In fact, some experts say only 7% of our communication is completed with words. And as a video conferencing company, we love that statistic. It helps us explain why video conferencing is so much more effective than simply talking on the phone, and why companies should invest in video software to make communication easier and drive revenue.

But still… that 7% of audio communication is vital. When you’re setting goals with your teammates or working with an external partner on a big project, it is the words that you say that will affect the direction of your work, and the direction of your company. And so when poor audio quality impacts a meeting, it can result in misunderstandings, lost productivity, and damage to relationships with employees, customers, and partners.

That’s why BlueJeans has partnered with Dolby to make audio a larger part of the video conference experience. With crystal clear audio that automatically suppresses distracting background noise, video conferencing becomes the solution you need to make sure that 100% of your communication is relayed to those on the other side of the screen.

Introducing… The Hair Dryer Test

After launching BlueJeans with Dolby Voice, Chief Product Officer Mark Strassman did some testing. First, he used a competing video conferencing product and placed a hair dryer next to his microphone to simulate background noise. You can see the results of that test here.

First, the other company...WITHOUT Dolby Voice.



Then, the true test…

The same experiment, this time using BlueJeans with Dolby Voice. Hear the difference?



The results are remarkable, and show how easily a video call can be completed when there is no loud background noise drowning out the speaker. Stay tuned to see Mark’s next experiment, and how great audio is transforming video and web conferencing. 

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