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Telehealth platforms like BlueJeans by Verizon are revolutionizing virtual health care. Prior to the pandemic, the health care system underutilized its virtual potential. There was little flexibility in the healthcare system to encourage the use of online technology in patient care. Virtual health itself also faced many barriers including regulations, equipment, incompatible electronic health records, broadband access, amongst some. The lack of a driving force, combined with the challenges and associated costs, meant slow and inconsistent progress.

However, this changed with the pandemic, as virtual health became a necessity. Providers and users turned to telehealth platforms for health care. Governments reviewed regulations which helped health services adapt and reshape their working practices. The scalability and cost effectiveness of online appointments suddenly became apparent, effectively beginning a revolution in virtual health care.

Although life is normalizing, the effects of the pandemic are unlikely to simply vanish. Whilst doctor-patient contact has been re-established, many aspects of virtual health care are worth retaining. A hybrid world is emerging.

BlueJeans Virtual Health Platform


The Impact of Digital Technology on Virtual Telehealth

Digital technology has transformed the way healthcare is delivered, especially for those in remote or underserved areas. Virtual telehealth platforms like BlueJeans have made it possible for patients to receive medical advice, care, and treatment without leaving their homes.

But the benefits of digital technology go beyond convenience. It also improves the efficiency of healthcare delivery by seamlessly integrating with electronic health records. This means healthcare providers can access and update patient information in real-time, leading to more personalized and effective care.

In addition, digital tools and health monitoring devices bridge the communication gap between patients and healthcare providers. Language barriers are broken down, ensuring a clear understanding of medical instructions and advice.

What should I look for in a Telehealth Platform?

BlueJeans by Verizon’s telehealth platform replicates the in-person interactions, and maps the user experience to clinical team workflows. EHR Integration allows access to patient records which enables and streamlines virtual health care. Licensing options include per visit pricing, and the HIPAA-ready platform includes security features to protect sensitive personal information.

The patient landing experience by BlueJeans by Verizon includes symptom capture fields for a more personalized care experience. In addition, the data driven integration system links with health app data. Giving clinicians a more comprehensive picture of your overall health. Language is also no barrier with its medical interpreter services covering 200+ languages. With BlueJeans by Verizon, accessing virtual health care is quick and easy.

Digital technology in healthcare is an emerging and growing market. Virtual health care is unlikely to replace in-person clinical care. But it has the potential to expand access to health care and make it more convenient. Deliver revolutionary next-generation virtual health care, and drive better patient outcomes, with the high-quality telehealth platform by BlueJeans.


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