We have heard so much about teamwork; it's almost cliche, yet it is not. We cannot overemphasize the impact of collaboration in the workplace. The adages "A problem shared is a problem halved" and "Many hands make work light" make a lot of sense. When a team works on a project, it becomes easier and faster to complete.

What does teamwork mean?
Teamwork's meaning is varied and broad. It is the combined effort of a group of people who work together towards completing a task. Collaboration is blending individuals and their different strengths, allowing them to complement one another.
 In doing this, people come together with a sense of companionship, a shared vision and work towards a meaningful goal. You can have a team, but they are just a group of people if they do not work together. 86% of responders in a Salesforce survey said their project failure was due to a lack of collaboration.

Benefits of teamwork
Teamwork in the workplace comes with myriad benefits.

Improves productivity
A team that works together is more motivated and more productive towards the company's goals. When people work together, they can communicate better in real-time. Business teamwork reduces delays and friction and results in more productivity.

Greater cooperation
When teams form, they have people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and knowledge. When these various people come together, it creates a more robust workforce than individual efforts. Teamwork improves cooperation among the members as they make mistakes and learn from them. They count triumphs as a team, not individuals.

Improves innovation
In a team where members are eager to learn, open-minded, share their suggestions, ideas, concerns, and analysis, they brainstorm better. This environment sets the pace for dialogue on innovative ideas from each team member's perspective.

Employee engagement
Teamwork collaboration allows employees to discuss, socialize and get to know each other beyond the workspace. Working close to each other creates bonds among the members. It means the team's success lies in the readiness to help each other and going over and above the regular call of duty.

Teamwork software
Technology has made collaboration easier. Before the internet, it was almost impossible to manage a team. They all had to be available physically for work to happen. Today, the internet has made things easy. You can hold a meeting with members from across the globe, thanks to video conferencing.
After the Covid-19 lockdown, remote working has become more pronounced. Yet business has to go on. With teamwork software, it's easy to monitor what everyone is doing and ensure everything is going according to plan.
Using teamwork software like BlueJeans, you can manage your entire team and centralize all your operations. You can collaborate and communicate to keep all your projects seamlessly aligned. The software provides resources for:

1) Virtual Meetings
Some of the available features for virtual meetings include:

  • Dolby Voice and HD video
  • Enhanced gallery view
  • Breakout sessions: You can divide the online groups into smaller segments and move participants in between sessions.
  • Join from any device and other features

2) Webinars or Events
Interactive live meetings include:

  • Employee all-hands meetings
  • Marketing webinars
  • Training educators

You get audience control tools, event cloud recording, moderator controls, joining from any device, and other features.

3) Gateway for Microsoft Teams
The BlueJeans Gateway is a cloud video interop (CVI) solution that is Microsoft certified. It allows you to hold team video meetings and interoperate with numerous room system configurations like Lifesize and Cisco. You can deploy it in four steps, minimize overheads, and connect all endpoints.

4) Connected Rooms
BlueJeans modernizes conventional meeting rooms, converting them into digital workspaces. You can integrate video conferencing with your existing hardware. You can eliminate the joint meeting frustrations; it's flexible and offers you streamlined management.

People who work as a team have better chances of success than those who go their own way. Working in a group of people who complement each other's skillsets allows them to brainstorm better and look at things from different perspectives.

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