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Take Command of Your Collaborative Data with Splunk and BlueJeans

You can’t be in 12 places at once, or can you? Endless help desk tickets often test the teleportation skills of any IT department. Network stress, bandwidth bottlenecks, datacenter drama — all in a day’s work. The good news? Apps like Splunk embrace data chaos. Even better news? BlueJeans and Splunk have integrated to help you keep the collaborative data flames at bay.

Single Pane of Glass
Even though you can’t physically be everywhere at once, at least you can see everything at once. Get instant visibility into BlueJeans Meetings, Events, and Rooms, now as an add-on with Splunk Enterprise. BlueJeans Command Center is the 360-degree, enterprise-grade management console that delivers immediate insight into meeting performance, network conditions, and user-focused ROI.

Now, admins can access collaborative data across all BlueJeans environments from directly inside Splunk Enterprise. It’s the IT-birds-eye view to isolate and correct system disruptions, as well as predict potential threats to peak performance.

Integration Features
Splunk and BlueJeans admins now have additional endpoint data inside a familiar Splunk workflow, a critical piece of the integration design. The Splunk add-on for BlueJeans Command Center is used to collect and visualize data from Command Center APIs. The following Command Center datapoints are available from within the Splunk dashboard:

  • Feedback Summary: Create visualizations of all meeting feedback provided by participants
  • Dashboard Summary: Get an aerial view of meeting minutes, active users, total participants, and recordings
  • Meeting Usage Summary: Access meeting count and end-user trends across your entire deployment

Available on Splunkbase
This integration was developed by BlueJeans using Splunk’s Add-on Builder and is available on Splunkbase. IT administrators can search, monitor and analyze machine-generated data from within the BlueJeans Command Center to gain insights that can help make their companies more productive, competitive and secure. By taking an analytics-driven approach to improving meeting performance, BlueJeans and Splunk are delivering the next generation of team collaboration.