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Solving Key Issues for the Modern Global Enterprise

Using Video in a Global Enterprise

Without good communication, a modern business simply cannot function. Every element of success depends on people understanding one another and working together to solve business goals. And while this has always been the case, it has never been more important now that we are part of an always-on global workforce with staff operating across the world every hour of the day.

We know the importance of easy communication throughout the company, but finding a solution that enables that communication can be difficult. When working with people in other time zones, email may not be the best solution—it can often take multiple days of back-and-forth to solve an issue. And while internal Intranets and platforms like Workplace by Facebook are great for announcements, it can be hard to truly communicate with all stakeholders while using them.

This is where a cloud-based meetings platform that combines the best of video, audio, and web conferencing truly shines. Using a solution like BlueJeans, employees can quickly and easy speak to one another in real-time, making it faster to connect and easier to solve problems. And with mobile applications, BlueJeans makes it easy to meet from everywhere, virtually eliminating the problems of time zone differences. In fact, a meetings platform can aid communication in nearly every situation.

Enable Team Collaboration and Organization

Business is no longer bound by geography, and companies are taking advantage of this by installing offices and hiring employees in locations throughout the world. While this helps the business expand, a major challenge is making sure these people are united in achieving company goals and feel part of the same team. Video conferencing can help ensure a fragmented workforce is as productive as possible by enabling easy access to team meetings, from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a one-on-one meeting with a colleague or company-wide townhall, meetings platforms enable collaboration across the globe.

Reduce Travel Costs and Environmental Impact

With a consistent meetings experience, the need to travel is reduced. Travel costs can quickly build for a global business when you consider the price of flights, hotels, meals, and ground transportation for multiple people each day—and that does not take into consideration the time employees waste in airports. A meetings platform helps solve this issue by making it easier to interact with colleagues, customers, and partners no matter where they are located. Imagine how much time a company could save by traveling only once a quarter rather than every single week. This has the added benefits of improving the environmental impact—saving thousands of tons of carbon by reducing the number of trips taken.  

Improve the Talent Pool

Another problem solved by implementing a cloud meetings platform is scouting, hiring, and fostering talent. With a global employee base, there is no need to be restricted by location when hiring. Yet outdated practices or unfit conferencing solutions make international working harder, meaning that HR is easily dissuaded from hiring outside of the region. This limits the range of staff hired, and ultimately limits the skills available to the business. Implementing a meetings platform that combines both video and audio conferencing makes it easy to hire talent (without bringing them into the office!) and ensures that they can be productive once they join the company. 

Eliminate the Meetings Tax

Even companies that have video conferencing often experience the meetings tax—that wasted time at the start of the meeting where everyone has to figure out the dial-in code, hook up their computer to the screen, and ensure that everyone is on the line. Even if this only takes five minutes, that time quickly adds up—imagine how much more you could accomplish if you had an extra hour each week back in your schedule. Thankfully, cloud-based meetings platforms solve these issues by allowing for one-touch join and easy screen sharing, all while being able to easily see and hear who has joined the meeting. No more time wasted on setting things up… simply click one button from whatever device you choose and start your meeting.

A meeting is often seen as a chore, a hassle that must be endured in the workplace. Yet they are where business happens. Decisions are made and organizations move forward because of them. Quite frankly, companies cannot succeed without them. Thankfully, they are easier now than they have ever been in the past. With a meetings platform that can be accessed from any device, there is such a thing as a seamless meeting experience, whether attendees are in the same office or across the globe.

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