If you’re in the San Diego area this week, you may have felt something. It’s not the wind and rain, though I know it’s somewhat unusual down here. It’s not a Tremors situation and you don’t need to call Kevin Bacon. No, the energy surge you’re feeling, the reason your compass has been acting funny all week, is because the BlueJeans team is in town for its annual sales kick off! We are fired up for the year ahead and we are #InItToWinIt! The digital workplace and collaboration market is one of the hottest areas of the tech sector and the BlueJeans meetings platform is in a great position for growth and success alongside our customers and partners. The executive team put together a full week of education sessions so that our sales executives and support teams can work with customers, partners and new prospects to build a platform using BlueJeans Meetings, Rooms and Events that will grow with your organization. Easier said than done, but the team we have is up for the challenge and opportunity. It’s going to be a big year for BlueJeans and we hope you’ll fly with us!

BlueJeans CEO Quentin Gallivan chose "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones for his walk-on music. It was a perfect way to open our sales kick off!