Hey, do you know what time it is? It’s time to SHAKE UP YOUR VIRTUAL EVENTS! But really though — everyone is tired of the home office humdrum. Add some spice (and a twist) to your next town hall or webinar and break away from boring with great video events!

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Improve the Streaming Experience
Let’s face it — employees, customers, and stakeholders need a recharge. We’re quickly approaching the WFH one-year mark and many of us miss that pep in our step. The workforce is geographically separated, and that can cause a negative cascading effect into our productivity and cultural DNA. As an event manager, either in marcomms, IT, or HR, check out these three best practices to bring your next company presentation to life.
Actively Manage and Encourage Participation
While it’s the presenters’ job to speak on camera and focus on their content, the event moderators should be closely connected to the audience. That means using all of the communications and layout features at your disposal to improve the exchange of information. For instance, send announcements to the audience throughout the event to remind them about polls, Q&A, and chat. Although some attendees gravitate towards these features organically, others need a nudge sometimes. This is a great way to turn your one-way presentation into a large-scale conversation with great participation.
Bring Your Interactive ‘A’ Game
For those attendees that want to actively join the conversation, give them the option to raise their hand and appear on camera. Remember, these are called ‘virtual events’ for a reason — they're meant to imitate the social aspects of an on-site presentation or meet and greet. By utilizing the raise hand option, moderators can ‘share the stage’ with audience members to resemble a formal Q&A like at the end of a keynote speech. It’s another tried and true method to achieve the highest levels of engagement.
Integrate Your Live Event
Why not give your audience more choices on how and where they join your event? The best webinar software and all-hands broadcasting technology integrates with different streaming applications to extend your reach. For example, if your organization uses Workplace by Facebook for internal workstream collaboration, give your employees the option to watch the presentation from within the company news feed. If you’re hosting an external brand awareness-type webinar, integrate your virtual event with YouTube Live and stream to a larger audience.
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