Remote Team Mistakes

After the COVID-19 pandemic, governments across the globe ordered complete lockdowns. More people had to become remote workers, a new experience for most. Working from home comes with challenges, and the following are some of the top mistakes made by remote workers:

1.  Working from bed or couch
2.  Lack of alignment
3.  Inefficient communication
4.  Meeting fatigue
5.  Working all the time

Working from bed or couch
When working from home, you need to have a dedicated workspace that is not your bed or couch. Having a workspace allows you to keep your work materials close and in good order.
When you work from bed, there'll always be the temptation to take a nap. You can also feel too comfortable and divert attention to social media instead of working. Be sure to set a boundary between your workspace and your relaxing space.

Lack of alignment
Lack of team alignment when working from home is a real issue. When people are not meeting physically, it becomes even harder to communicate team goals. When you lack clarity of purpose, you cannot prioritize work. Lack of clarity leads to:
●       Confusion on priorities and where you need to focus your efforts
●       Lack of motivation
●       Difficulty working with your team members.

Inefficient communication
Communication comprises the words you speak, your tone of voice, and body language. It is difficult for people to pick up on body language, especially on phone calls, and can be limited by video transmission when working remotely.
When engaging with teammates remotely, you need to ensure you work extra hard to monitor your tone and words for people to understand you. If you agree or disagree on something, make your voice heard. Do not assume others will tell from your non-verbal cues.

Meeting fatigue
When you work online, it's easy to get meeting fatigue. Long back-to-back meetings become monotonous, especially if the rest of the group is in one space and you are at home. It makes you tired and reduces your concentration span.
Ensure you do not get into long and winding meetings. The shorter the meetings, the better for all involved. Our attention span, especially video conferencing, starts to fade after some time.

Working all the time
Working 24/7 is not suitable for your physical, mental, and emotional health. Most remote workers are always online and worry that others will assume they are not working if they are not. Take breaks while working from home. Browse social media during your breaks and have lunch away from your desk to prevent burnout. A short walk outside can also help you feel relaxed.
How BlueJeans can help

BlueJeans is revolutionary software that helps remote workers to streamline their performance. We provide remote workers with the right software with groundbreaking features that allow them to become more productive. We have products such as:
Virtual Meetings
This product allows for premium video conferencing facilities with features like:
●       HD video and Dolby voice
●       Breakout sessions
●       Enhanced gallery view that allows at least 25 people to fit on-screen
●       Smart meetings where you can tag critical moments in the conference, action assignments, etc.
●       Secure and encrypted sessions that ensure hackers cannot get to you

Connected Rooms
Connected rooms aim to digitize meetings by integrating your existing hardware system with digital conferencing. The significant capabilities of the conference rooms include versatility to suit your remote work needs. It also includes user-centric controls and streamlining conference room deployment with BlueJeans Command Center.

BlueJeans software will solve most of the issues you face when working remotely. We tailor the different products to suit a variety of needs. Feel free to check out our website for revolutionary industry solutions that will simplify your remote work. Try BlueJeans Meetings for Free!

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