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Otis Redding Foundation Uses BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice to Help Grow Youth Programs

Otis Redding may have “left his home in Georgia and headed for the Frisco Bay,” but back in his hometown of Macon, GA his legacy lives on.

While the three-time Grammy award-winning artist (and three-time Grammy Hall of Fame inductee) was known globally for his music, he was known locally for his compassion.

As a big advocate for change, Otis was dedicated to improving the quality of life for his local community through the education and empowerment of its youth. To continue on with his crusade of fostering opportunities for youth to follow their dreams, in 2007, Zelma Redding established the Otis Redding Foundation in her husband’s honor.

The foundation, which offers scholarships for youth in need and also provides youth programs such as the Otis Redding Center for Creative Arts, the Otis Music Camp and the DREAM choir, is dedicated to connecting the universal relevance of music to serve as a catalyst for education and other youth-oriented initiatives for growth. To date, the foundation has created several opportunities for youth to exercise their talents and expand their abilities through programs involving music, writing and instrumentation that encourage individual and team participation, build self-esteem and instill discipline.

In support of this noble cause, BlueJeans and Dolby partnered to deliver a fully integrated room meeting solution—BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice—to the Otis Redding Foundation to further the organization’s mission to bring music and arts education to a wider audience.

The personalized system for the Otis Redding Foundation, which includes BlueJeans’ cloud-based meetings platform, a Logitech webcam, HD television and Dolby® Conference Phone, will allow the organization’s members to establish more programs that reach more participants through remote music instruction and program collaboration.

The BlueJeans meetings platform allows users to start, manage and share content using the touch screen on the phone instead of fumbling with remote controls and dongles. Paired with Dolby’s breakthrough in audio for online meetings, students and staff alike will be able to hear clearly and communicate naturally, as if they were in the same room, regardless of where they are located or whether they connect from a mobile or desktop endpoint or room system.

Furthermore, using their BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice system, staff members of the Otis Redding Foundation are now able to connect with board members, instructors, press, and others from across the country and globe with ease.

According to Karla Redding-Andrews, executive director and vice president for the Otis Redding Foundation, “The BlueJeans Room with Dolby Conference Phone gives us the opportunity to look at our programming in an entirely different way. We have a strong focus on serving our community of Middle Georgia but have always wanted to be able to bring our incredible workshops and presentations to a larger audience of deserving children and future musicians outside of this region.”

“Conversely, this will enable us to do more high-quality ‘visits’ from those amazing musicians and music industry professionals who want to speak to our students but are unable to fly to Macon for a visit,” she continued.

In fact, I recently got to experience it for myself when my two son’s played guitar and drums from our home in California using my laptop while Karla, Justin and Sophie watched and listened from the Foundation office in Macon, Georgia. Thanks to Dolby, it sounded terrific without any delay or any audio/video degradation. We all felt confident that it would serve music teachers and students everywhere.   

The amazing Zelma Redding (left) with me, Matt Podboy, at the Otis Redding Foundation headquarters in Macon, Georgia.

We are so honored to be a part of this amazing organization that’s helping to ignite dreams in our future generation of leaders. It’s wonderful to see our technology being used for remote lessons and music instruction to help spread the joy of music to the next generation.

Keep up the good work, Zelma and team—May your work inspire many future Grammy nominees!