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Otis Music Campers Use BlueJeans to Connect with Music Industry Professionals

In February, we told you about our friends at the Otis Redding Foundation, and how BlueJeans and Dolby have been working together to help further the organization’s mission to bring music and arts education to a wider audience by outfitting them up with a BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice.

Today, the Otis Redding Foundation announced that their 2019 Otis Music Camp will include our videoconferencing and collaboration technology—and we couldn’t be more excited for them!

The combination of the BlueJeans meeting platform and Dolby Voice® crystal clear audio with noise reduction technology will allow campers to meet and perform remotely with instructors and industry mentors. 

The Otis Redding Foundation will host the 12th Annual Otis Music Camp for aspiring musicians ages 12 to 18 years old at Mercer University Townsend School of Music from June 3 to 15. This year, the campers will have the ability to converse with musical likes such as Adam Fell and Alyssa Smith from the Quincy Jones Productions, thanks to this generous donation. Through this, real connections are made between young aspiring musicians and professionals that undeniably lengthens the longevity of Otis Redding’s legacy.

Otis Redding Foundation vice president and executive director, Karla Redding-Andrews, “We are so excited to be using this incredible technology from BlueJeans and Dolby to connect our campers to these amazing music industry professionals all the way across the country. It’s another great way for us to bring more real-world knowledge to these young musicians to see where their educational experiences could lead them.”

BlueJeans and Dolby enable organizations to turn any huddle space or conference room into an intelligent collaboration place with amazing video, crystal-clear audio and complete meeting controls to make video meetings highly productive. The Dolby Conference Phone, a stunning audio centerpiece,  accommodates diverse meeting spaces with the ability to adapt to shifting speaking volumes and room acoustics in real time. With a sleek user interface and features like voice placement and dynamic leveling, BlueJeans and Dolby Voice make the power of audio clarity become reality to keep conversations natural and easy.

Using BlueJeans and Dolby, Otis Music Campers can now tap a worldwide audience of music expertise, consultation and remote instruction. We are so honored to partner with the Otis Redding Foundation, to bring the joy of music to more children—rock on!

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