As more people work from home, you may find yourself attending many online meetings. You probably wonder if there's online meeting etiquette for attendees. Yes, there are some things you need to keep in mind during an online meeting.

Why Is Good Online Meeting Etiquette Important?

Working from home has become popular. You might work from home while wearing your pajamas and not brushing your hair, and that's okay. However, you don't want to do that during an online meeting. Online business meeting etiquette is essential for everyone. Here are a few reasons why:
  • It makes a good impression.
  • Meetings are more productive.
  • Everyone has a chance to share opinions, ideas, and achievements.
  • You don't waste time.
You always want an online meeting to go well for you and everyone else involved. Online meeting tips for etiquette are essential for making that happen.

Online Meeting Etiquette Tips

You want to ensure a successful meeting, whether it's work or a local book club. It's essential that you know some important online business meeting etiquette tips, including:
Arrive Early
If you were in an office, you'd grab your coffee and arrive in the conference room early to get a good seat. Go ahead and join the online meeting a little early. It gives you the chance to make sure your mic is working properly and that you can see everyone, and they can see you.
Limit Distractions
It might be cute when a cat jumps on a desk and demands your attention, but it's distracting during an online meeting. You need to make sure that your pets are secure and your children are taken care of during the meeting.
Tidy Up
Before an online meeting, determine the area where you're going to sit and what is in the field of vision for other people. You don't want the other people in the meeting to see your dirty dishes or piles of laundry.
Dress Appropriately
Okay, yes, working from home comes with the bonus that you can work in your pajamas. However, when you have an online business meeting, you need to dress like you would for a day in the office. Your adorable PJs with the cats singing might be a distraction to others.
Pay Attention
When you're at an online business meeting, it's easy to type notes on your computer or shuffle through papers. You shouldn't do this. It's always a good idea to give each speaker your undivided attention so they know you're actively participating in the meeting. By remaining alert and focused, you'll get more out of the meeting, and it can make your work life easier.
No Sudden Moves
You must remember that an online business meeting is very different from an in-person one. If you stand up quickly during an online meeting, your movements may appear blurry or cause others to notice you more than they might during an in-person meeting. If at all possible, remain seated and relatively still during the meeting.
Reset Your Notifications
From Tik Tok to your favorite games, you get a lot of notifications on your computer. Many of these notifications ding or ring or make some other noise to catch your attention. You need to turn these off while you're in an online meeting. It can be very distracting if someone in the meeting keeps getting notifications sounding every few minutes.
Pause for a Moment
You may have some really important information to share about a point someone just made. However, it's a good idea to pause for a moment to give others a chance to speak and ensure there isn't an audio time lag that could leave you talking over someone else.
With online meeting popularity increasing, there is some online meeting etiquette for attendees that you need to know. When you follow a few simple online business meeting etiquette rules, you can make a great impression and ensure the value of the meeting for everyone involved.