After seeing the success of our inaugural awards program, we are elated to be kicking off this year’s nominations for the 2021 BlueJeans By Verizon Customer Awards!

Now in its second year, the BlueJeans by Verizon Customer Awards recognizes innovative customer achievements in video communication and collaboration.

Who is eligible for these awards? Anyone using BlueJeans! We’re honoring the people, teams and organizations transforming the way work gets done, so if BlueJeans has reimagined the way you communicate with others, we want to hear about it! This ranges from personal or professional user stories all the way up to organization-wide (IT) deployments and use cases.

Customers are encouraged to submit their nominations in four categories for the awards program for the chance to win home office tech essentials valued at up to $500.

Category winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on the creativity, impact and business value of their BlueJeans use case, with one winner being recognized in each of the four categories. Out of these winners, the BlueJeans Customer of the Year will be selected and announced live on Verizon’s Up to Speed channel in February 2020.

Lat year’s award finalists and recipients—including Amicus Therapeutics, The Global Fund, University of Louisville and Merck Group—demonstrated an outstanding ability to execute change management to improve collaboration. This year, let us celebrate you!

With the spotlight on video conferencing and virtual events now more than ever due to the current climate, we look forward to learning about all the new and interesting ways our customers have been using our platform to not only maintain business continuity in these uncertain times, but also to forge ahead and drive new revenue streams in light of it.

As such, we’ve added two new categories to this year’s Awards program. Categories for the BlueJeans By Verizon Customer Awards:

  1. Most innovative use case – Recognition of an organization that has demonstrated superior skills in applying video conferencing technology in support of an insightful and creative use case outside of standard meetings, for example to improve a core process internally or with external stakeholders.
  2. Biggest impact – Recognition of a personal story or organization that has documented return on investment as a result of their BlueJeans deployment. This could be a quantitative ROI in terms of value per dollar spent and people hours saved or qualitative ROI such as improved culture, happiness/mental health, productivity gains, or reduced risk. This could also mean recognition of an organization that is using BlueJeans by Verizon to drive social, environmental or cultural outcomes.
  3. Biggest Business Transformation – Recognition of an individual or organization responsible for driving business change using BlueJeans to create new revenue streams and/or continuity in the current economy. This award is a true reflection of entrepreneurship and technical leadership showcasing the ability to adjust business models to successfully adapt to the new work reality.
  4. Best Use of Events – Recognition of the most creative or successful deployment of BlueJeans for Events (can be one time or ongoing) to support customer growth, marketing/awareness or HR initiatives— employee engagement, culture, onboarding, etc. This could be internal or external event use cases. Please include ROI and preparation details.

We are fortunate to have such amazing customers using our platform in truly incredible and inspiring ways that showcase the power of video conferencing and its ability to bring people together, even while apart—and we look forward to honoring you (our customers!) as you continue on in your transformation journeys.

To learn more about the BlueJeans by Verizon Customer Awards, visit the Customer Awards Program homepage and start your nomination today!