The BlueJeans Telehealth platform was designed from the ground up to enhance the patient visit experience and help improve the overall patient to provider relationship. One way we are accomplishing this is by making it interoperable with leading digital health solutions that will allow us to expand our reach and services available.

Today, at the HLTH 2022 conference in Las Vegas, we made two new partner announcements that will help us to do just that. Here's how BlueJeans Telehealth is further streamlining patient interactions by providing more flexibility through virtual care:

Together with Higi, a consumer health engagement company that enables care delivery via an omnichannel platform inclusive of a connected network of Smart Health Stations, Verizon announced plans to improve the digital and virtual care experience through home-based virtual care delivery and health equity service delivery. Specifically, BlueJeans Telehealth will be integrated with Higi Smart Health Stations to enable historically underserved populations, such as those living in rural communities and seniors with limited access to transportation, greater access to care. Paired with Higi’s home monitoring services and powered by the Verizon 4G LTE and 5G Ultra Wideband networks, the combined solution will also help to augment near-site, on-site and retail clinic after-hours or supplement in locations that do not have the volume to support a health clinic. 

Through the Higi platform, consumers can enroll in self-guided care plans, powered by the American Heart Association®, allowing participants to identify their own personal health goals and receive clinically based guidance and support to achieve them. Additionally, the platform educates consumers and enables personal risk identification for common chronic conditions, including hypertension, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, in partnership with the American Diabetes Association (ADA), and heart attack and stroke in partnership with the American College of Cardiology (ACC). Through its 50-state clinical network, Higi delivers clinician-led remote patient monitoring services for polychronic patients, pairing home monitoring technology with clinician care managers as part of a holistic approach to addressing conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma and COPD.

Also announced today, OpenLoop, a leader in white-label telehealth support services powering virtual care, has signed a teaming agreement with BlueJeans to provide its clients access to BlueJeans Telehealth. In turn, the partnership will give BlueJeans customers access to unrivaled provider staffing services through OpenLoop’s NCQA certified network of clinicians in all 50 states, with payer coverage across 250 million patient lives. This means greater televisit efficiency and enhanced clinical workflows for our customers who require highly qualified providers to facilitate point of care services.

For more information on either announcement, or to learn how you can embed BlueJeans Telehealth within your existing virtual care tools and work flows, Contact Us today. And if you're at HLTH 2022, stop by the Verizon booth #2217 to demo the virtual care clinic that pairs Higi’s Next Generation Smart Health Station with BlueJeans Telehealth!