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Monterey Mushrooms Cultivates Company Culture Using BlueJeans Rooms with Dolby Voice

What type of room can be eaten? No, it’s not a BlueJeans’s a mush-room! 

Whether your first experience with mushrooms was tuning into the Smurfs during Saturday morning cartoons or plugging into Nintendo to navigate Super Mario (or Luigi) up, over and around the red and white spotted mushroom creatures, it may have been a shock to discover that mushrooms were ‘real’ vegetables that you can eat! In fact, a single Portabella mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana.

This healthy veggie that’s made up of around 90% water and grows from the ground has also grown in popularity over the years—to the extent that today, 10/15, is National Mushroom Day!

In observance of this unique day, we are excited to feature our customer, Monterey Mushrooms®, the largest grower and distributor of mushrooms in North America. Beginning as a single farm in 1971 in Watsonville, CA, the company has grown to 10 locations including Mexico, thus being able to produce 250 million pounds of mushrooms locally all-year. Their mission is to be “good people who grow good food” and they do so by “making decisions that promote the long-term sustainability of the environment, culture, and the people they feed.”

The farming industry has evolved throughout the decades, from research and development, quality assurance, scientific testing and cultivation, to technologically through the use of machinery. Monterey Mushrooms recognized that technology could also drive a culture shift of video communication and collaboration within the organization.

The organization was faced with a dilemma; the cost to amend their existing conference rooms to be compatible with another vendor wasn’t a sound financial decision. Their solution began and ended with BlueJeans. “Without requiring any infrastructure changes, BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service with Dolby Voice provided quality and effortless joining to our conference rooms that we needed.” commented Lindsey Occhipinti, Marketing Manager. Monterey Mushrooms anticipates the growth of their organization and BlueJeans is prepared to scale with them through the use of Rooms-as-a-Service, a subscription offering that makes it easy to upgrade meeting rooms with the latest hardware, software and all services included in cost-effective, monthly price.

Monterey Mushrooms prides itself on having a 4,000-person family-oriented environment which can be difficult to maintain when the workforce is spread amongst multiple fields and offices. In addition, the ability for the distributed workforce to attend meetings can be challenging. Fortunately, BlueJeans, with one-touch join, calendar integration, intelligent scene framing, and accessibility via browser, mobile, or Rooms, helps maintain this close-knit culture. “Since we are in Agriculture we are spread throughout the continent and in remote places, says Occhipinti, but we feel like we have the best of the best technology for our conferencing which allows us to collaborate as if we are in the same room.”

While Monterey Mushrooms is formally cultivating mushrooms by keeping the people and the environment in mind, through its use of BlueJeans, the organization is cultivating its culture and empowering its workforce.

Looking for ways to celebrate National Mushroom Day? Check out Monterey Mushrooms on FB, LI and YT for great recipe ideas and mushroom facts!

Watch the Monterey Mushrooms video here. To learn more about how other customers are using BlueJeans, check out our Featured Customers page. Plus, try out  BlueJeans for free today!