Today, the iPhone 5s and 5c go on sale. Apart from the hoopla that is Apple (and trust me, I’m an Apple fan), why the big deal? And why is a lover of video conferencing like myself, even care?

Democratization – Apple has historically tailored its products to a premium-paying audience. With the advent of a more affordable iPhone, this enables more folks to get their hands on the technology.

It reminds me of the mission we have here at Blue JeansNetwork of disrupting the tall order of stodgy, expensive, video conferencing. Technology that simplifies people’s lives and businesses should be for everyone.

Accessibility– With a cheaper iPhone on the market, it will offer a competitive and popular alternative to Android smartphones. Those who normally couldn’t afford a smartphone will now have access to one. Here at Blue Jeans, we wanted to simplify video conferencing, so we opted to use the web browser as a way to get on a video call. If you think about it, 2.7 billion people are online- that’s 40% of the world’s population. That potentially equips every online user with the tools to for a video call: the internet and a video camera.

Mobility – More access to smartphones empowers more people with mobility. You can do nearly everything on a mobile device, both work and play. In fact, through our research at Blue Jeans, we’ve found that 30% of people call into a video meetings via a mobile device. Productivity doesn’t have to stop, so long as people have the tools to be effective.

Unfortunately, I can’t run out and get a 5c because I’m not due for an upgrade. But I love knowing that my future iPhone can more adequately match my nail color, will cost me less, and ultimately help me to stay productive while I’m on the go in my Blue Jeans.