Micro Events to Support Event Strategy

When we talk about micro events, what we envision are small-scale events you can host alongside a larger in-person, hybrid or virtual event – or standalone events that are alternatives to bigger, more expensive conferences, expos, or trade shows.
Any way you slice it, micro events are on the rise for many reasons. In this article, we will explore different types of micro events that can support your event strategy. Whether you are planning a milestone gathering for the first time in a while, or you are taking in-person events online, this list of ideas is sure to inspire your next mini event.

Micro Event Ideas with Big Impact

1.     Themed Lunch and Learn

Whether your team is back in the office or working fully remote (or somewhere in between), having lunch together is always a great way to boost morale for employees and leadership alike. With a themed lunch and learn, you can choose a main topic and then present on it or have someone from the group contribute their thoughts or expertise. You can also host a lunch and learn during your virtual conferences. For example, you might choose a topic like workplace productivity and share a slide deck while the rest of the group enjoys lunch together. Attendees can engage in the discussion, share ideas, and give feedback to improve the work experience. Bonus points if you treat your group to the meal!
2.     Interactive Workshop   
If you want to boost the impact of your events, consider an interactive workshop as part of your event strategy. Interactive workshops get attendees involved in the content, whether that’s sharing a personal experience or participating in a real-time project. They’re an effective way to expand on the broad topics of a larger event, or to introduce newcomers to your business by demonstrating what you do best and communicating how that helps attendees. As an example, a virtual conference focused on social change might offer an interactive workshop on storytelling or activism.
3.     Immersive Micro Events
The event world is going immersive and for good reason: it’s highly engaging. You can easily bring this element of fun and excitement to your event strategy by hosting immersive events on a small scale. Think escape rooms, music performances, and improv comedy – all of these can make your micro event one to remember. The best part is you can host these smaller events in-person or online to bring attendees together.
4.     Networking Sessions
It can be challenging to network with a big group of people, but networking sessions in smaller groups is way more management – and impactful. Consider hosting a networking micro event to connect attendees or team members. If you are going virtual, you can utilize breakout rooms to simulate a networking session. Better yet, check out these ice breakers for virtual meetings to help you ignite the conversation.
5.     Gaming
Gamification is a highly effective way to get attendees engaged in your next micro event. The best part is you don’t have to be a “gamer” to enjoy the experience. By giving participants the chance to score points and win prizes, your gaming micro event puts your group in control of their own experience rather than being a passive participant. The New York Islanders used gamification in their recent collaboration with BlueJeans, giving fans the opportunity to earn prizes by answering polls and quizzes while watching the game.

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