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Messaging at the Next Level: BlueJeans for HipChat

Real-time messaging has quickly become the omnipresent form of communication among co-workers and teams. This trend was largely driven by the popularization of consumer messaging applications over the past few years along with a general movement towards more inclusive corporate communication, which services like HipChat effectively enable.

The other significant reason messaging in the workplace has become so popular is what I will call “activation energy.” Activation energy can be defined as the energy required to begin communicating with another person.

Here’s an example:

Sending a text or HipChat to your boss is easy (low activation energy) but scheduling a meeting, for your group or team, requires you to go to your calendar application, enter email addresses, rooms, etc. and look for an open slot, send the invite, inevitably get feedback on the date or time and reschedule, etc. (high activation energy).

What if you wanted to keep activation energy low and have a video meeting with multiple participants? Enter: BlueJeans for HipChat. HipChat and BlueJeans are coming together to offer a better video communications experience for their users. Rejoice, a delightful video experience is now at your fingertips!

Check out the following page for more details on BlueJeans for HipChat integration.