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Lunching, Learning and Loving the Digital Workplace Experience

This week, BlueJeans joined speakers from Google, Adobe, Slack, Citrix, Buzzfeed, Harvard University, and many others for the Digital Workplace Experience in Chicago. The three-day conference presented emerging technologies in the IoT as attendees from international enterprises learned the newest trends and future-proof innovations for workplace productivity, end user experience, and IT management. The 4 subject areas included: Leadership & transformation, the employee journey, digital workplace platforms, and the future of work.

As a conference sponsor, BlueJeans' Justin McHeffey hosted a lunch & learn session entitled, “Five Keys to Optimizing Your Meeting Experience — Unlock Digital Workplace Productivity.”

Here were a few topics the audience asked during the Q&A session:

Q) How do I integrate Microsoft Teams with BlueJeans?
A) Visit the Microsoft AppSource here and install the add-in. For more info about this integration, visit the BlueJeans App Network.

Q) Does BlueJeans offer international translation?
A) We’ve just announced an audio partnership with Interprefy for real-time language translation.

Q) How much extra does it cost for integrations with BlueJeans?
A) As long as you’re a customer of both software companies these integrations are free!

Q) How does Voicea’s virtual assistant, Eva work with BlueJeans Meetings?
A) Once you’ve set up the integration, Eva is automatically included in your calendar invites and joins the meeting along with all other attendees. Eva then records the entire meeting and transcribes all dialogue. Keywords and takeaways are searchable after the meeting.

While our sesion was a clear show stopper (albeit, we may be biased), there were so many other great speakers at this year's event. Here's a snapshot of some of the other workshops, breakouts, and keynotes we were able to catch from the industry’s forward-looking influencers!

How HR Can Help Fix Employee Experience (Presented by Slack)
Dawn Sharifan of Slack explained how employees’ attitudes toward day-to-day work makes a direct impact on whether HR can win or lose top talent. By eliminating employee friction, knowledge silos, and fragmentation with an adaptive collaboration hub, HR can break down the problems that negatively affect the workplace. Removing communication barriers and integrating apps and workflows allows HR teams to create a lasting impact on the employee experience in any organization.

How Google Optimizes Productivity for the Best and Brightest (Presented by Google)
Kate Matsudaira of Google shared that their mission to hire the best and brightest comes with two challenges: competing with other companies for top talent and creating an environment that allows them to thrive and foster innovation with a diverse set of people. This relates to Google’s internal IT philosophy. With a focus on productivity and security, the global Google wifi network must support a variety of open hardware and operating systems. Matsudaira presented how Google designs their systems and technology to create seamless employee experience while maintaining IT’s operational requirements.

Politics, Business and Machine Learning (Presented by Harvard University)
Josh Simons’ keynote emphasized how machine learning is changing the way we do everything: deciding who is credit worthy, who should be freed from prison, which children are at risk of abuse, and who should see which news. But machine learning comes with compromise. Simons explained how machine learning will reshape business strategy, the ethics and politics of machine learning decisions, and the regulatory implications of this rapidly growing intelligence.

Our thanks to the Digital Workplace Experience for hosting this great event — we’ll see you next year!