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It is not news that most organizations today have several online meetings with their team, host webinars, and run online events. The organizations connect with team members face to face through video calls, no matter where everyone is.
Before setting up a video call, you need to learn the basics to get the best outcome. Read on to understand the benefits of video calls and tips to achieve the best video conferencing lighting.
Why is lighting so important in video calls?

Lighting is an essential element of your video calls. You need to identify the best lighting to create a clear background for the other parties to see your face well. Here are the benefits of video conferencing lighting.
Clear facial expression

The main reason for having video calls is to interact face to face with the other party. This can only be effective with clear lighting. There will be no shadows in your background, and this enables you to communicate smoothly. The other party seeing your face clearly will keep the call more interactive. 

Less distraction

If there is no clear lighting during video calls, you may keep on changing positions, trying to get the best position. Inadequate lighting also creates shadows and glares, and this can affect the quality of communication between parties. Effective lighting minimizes distraction and enables you to have a productive video call.
Get the best video call outcome
Most organizations often record meetings for future reference. This can be more effective if you have proper lighting. The best lighting for a video call will help you record quality images and store them in your system. 
There will be no shadows or glares in the video, which gives you a clear understanding of what took place during the video calls. You do not have to start guessing who attended the call because the images are clear.
How to get the best lighting

It is easy to get the best video call lighting if you apply the right measures. This is why you need to learn about creating the perfect lighting for video calls. Here is what to do.

Look for a brighter room

The first thing towards achieving clear video call lighting is to get a brighter room. Setting up a video call in a darker room with insufficient lighting can be frustrating, unlike doing it in a brighter room. No matter your location, look for a brighter room and set up a video call.

Face the light source

After locating a brighter room, look for the best position that will reflect light on your face. This depends on the location of the room and the source of the light. If there are windows, put your chair and desk closer to the window and sit facing the window. You can add a lamp on top of the desk for a clearer reflection.

Invest in proper lighting equipment

If you have a budget for lighting equipment, then go for it. Quality equipment may be costly, but it is worth it. Professional equipment will make your webcam clearer and produce the best images. 
The equipment consists of different items, such as daylight bulbs, ring lights, light diffusers, and key lights. All the above equipment plays a crucial role in the overall performance of the video calls.

Consider natural lighting 

Natural lighting is one of the most efficient and less costly ways you can achieve video conferencing lighting. Look for a room with more windows, and even doors.
You can be sure of a well-lit room that will create a clear video call effect. Natural lighting gives a clear skin tone and brightens your mood, thus, leading to an interactive and attentive session.

Achieve the best lighting with video call software

Using the tips above will help you get the best lighting for a video call, making you enjoy the session. With the advanced technology today, you can invest in video conferencing software for effective communication, improved efficiency, increased productivity, save time and money and build relationships.

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