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Keeping Collaboration—and Fitness—Easy, Fun and Motivational

Les Mills’ mission is nothing less than helping everyone improve their lives and health through regular exercise. They deliver instructor-led group fitness classes and on-demand virtual workouts to millions of exercise enthusiasts worldwide. Whatever gets you moving, they’ve got you covered – from strength training, HIIT, barre and youth programs. They even recently launched a Marvel superhero inspired workout series for kids, called Move Like an Avenger.

In order to continue to innovate, it’s important that collaboration is easy for their employees.

In 2015 Mike Mason, global IT projects/technology lead, wanted the company to standardize on one flexible platform that would improve collaboration and boost productivity. “I wanted to standardize on one meetings product where we could invest our time and training. That way, everyone would get familiar with it, and it would be simple to use,” says Mason.

Mason went looking for a meeting platform that employees could access from anywhere in the world, on any device. The team at Les Mills had been using a variety of meeting solutions, including GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, and on-premise video conferencing room systems. Mason replaced all of these with a single platform: BlueJeans.

Replacing multiple solutions with BlueJeans offered two primary benefits: convenience for users and cost certainty for Mason’s department. Before BlueJeans, workgroups independently selected the meeting tools they used, which proved problematic for Mason because he couldn’t accurately forecast costs, or easily track usage. With one system, Mason can keep tabs on costs easily — and employees appreciate having a virtual meeting platform available whenever they need it.

In fact, with BlueJeans as the default meeting platform, employees adopted it quickly, which helped create a “video first” culture at the company. Now almost every meeting uses video conferencing—a 65 percent increase in one year. Mason appreciates that BlueJeans makes initiating a video meeting as easy as picking up the phone. Thanks to BlueJeans’ interoperability, employees who relied on Skype for Business can still connect that way, and Mason is able to get every penny of value out of legacy video conference and meeting hardware.

For his part, Mason uses Command Center, BlueJeans’ all-in-one analytics dashboard to remotely monitor live meetings, analyze usage, and troubleshoot when necessary.

You could say BlueJeans makes dynamic collaboration as easy for Les Mills employees as Les Mills makes staying fit for millions around the globe. Read the full case study here, and sign up for a free 30-day trial of BlueJeans any time.