Virtual collaboration has evolved rapidly over the past couple of years. With workers now spread across the world, virtual interconnectedness has become the hallmark of organizations that have successfully navigated the digital workplace transformation. While video meetings have sufficiently kept teams connected for scheduled meetings, what about all those other casual and spontaneous interactions hybrid workers are now missing throughout the day. In fact, according to a recent survey over 82.3% of respondents admit to having less frequent casual conversations with colleagues. Today, we’re changing that. BlueJeans is excited to announce the upcoming launch of BlueJeans Spaces – an immersive virtual office designed to facilitate organic conversations in a hybrid work environment. 

BlueJeans Spaces is a counterpoint to scheduled online meetings.  When you are in a Space with your colleagues, you can easily strike up an audio-only conversation with those around you, quickly glance at who’s available for a brainstorming session, or pass through the virtual hallways to simply hear what everyone’s talking about. It’s a virtual workspace that simulates the social experience of being in an office. With Spaces, we recognized that every interaction doesn’t need to be a video call. Instead, Spaces provides users the flexibility to work alongside their team members in a virtual room, while having access to a full complement of collaboration tools to do their best work…whether on video or not.  

Here’s how it works: 

Collaborate naturally with spatial audio: BlueJeans Spaces allows teams to collaborate spontaneously allowing for a free-flowing exchange of information. Spaces allows users to interact and work together in a persistent virtual workspace called a ‘room’ or a temporary location called a ‘huddle’. The audio in BlueJeans Spaces is spatialized, which means your coworker that’s next to you will sound naturally louder that someone who is across the virtual room. This dynamic audio experience delivers a more lifelike office environment to immerse users in their virtual surroundings.  

Customize your experience: Whether you are meeting one of your favorite co-workers for a cup of coffee at the virtual cafe or transitioning into a group brainstorming session in the war room – there’s a layout in BlueJeans Spaces that can be customized to match everyone’s needs. With Spaces, you can keep using your favorite rooms for meetings and gatherings, or just find an open huddle space. Users are able to conveniently switch from a 2D office layout view to a headset-free 3D environment that features fully customizable avatars. Users even have the option of incorporating games into their workspaces to bake a more social atmosphere directly into the office environment.  

Enhance collaboration with Message+: Connecting with your team 1:1 or in a group creates a transparently effective and highly productive virtual work environment. To supplement this, the Message+ feature in BlueJeans Spaces allows team members to chat with anyone, or everyone at any given time. Users now have the ability to share messages, files and emojis with their space-mates all from the BlueJeans platform. Message+ is persistent and fully integrated with Spaces and Meetings completing the entire communication spectrum necessary for business-critical collaboration.

Stay productive with video meetings: At BlueJeans, our goal is to deliver an interactive meeting experience that offers a consistent and easy-to-use interface. Users now have the flexibility to easily transition to a video meeting from the virtual office or huddle at a click of a button, providing different modes of communication. Our latest collaboration updates include the ability to host up to 1000 participants in a meeting, Open Breakout Sessions and Audio Lock. BlueJeans offers state-of-the-art video conferencing environment, be it external meetings with customers or vendors, cross-functional meetings within a company, or executive leadership meetings.

Informal and spontaneous conversations in the office environment foster a sense of connection and comradery, cultivating long term relationships across team members. As companies struggle to find the balance between socio-professional collaboration and social distancing, BlueJeans Spaces helps fill the void by offering an immersive virtual space for the entire team including multiple ways to connect with each other – to huddle, brainstorm, organize or just socialize. Learn more at Next-Generation BlueJeans or Contact Us here to get an early preview.