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Integrate Your Customer Calls: New App Network Partners Help Reps 'Close the Loop'

Accelerating the sales cycle is often a priority for any manager tasked with setting goals and expectations for account executives. Second to volume and deal size, it’s a strategy that closely guarantees quarterly quotas and frees more room in the pipeline for new opportunities. Increasing the speed to sale, however, is easier said than done. To minimize this issue for customers, BlueJeans now partners with two customer-facing apps to assist with faster conversion. Read on to learn about our exciting new integrations with Gong and Wingman!
Boost sales rep effectiveness with transcription analytics and revenue intelligence. Gong’s integration with BlueJeans informs sales teams how to improve their performance after each interaction with prospects and customers. Once enabled, Gong joins your reps’ BlueJeans Meetings, transcribes the conversation, and delivers a comprehensive understanding of the call.

Over time, the data that Gong collects from your sales calls reveals what’s working and what’s not. This means more reps become rockstars by learning the talk tracks refined by your sales leaders. Not only does this empower the field to sell more efficiently, it cuts onboarding time by training new reps to follow winning plays. Think about how multiplying the trade tricks of your highest performers translates into greater AE-generated revenue, all possible when everyone gets access to the special sauce.

By integrating Gong with BlueJeans, your teams get exposed to a single source of truth—the conversations that win deals. Combining word-for-word analysis with talk-to-listen ratios, along with searchable transcription and team-member tagging for collaborative account support, Gong and BlueJeans oil the sales machine from start to finish.    

Close more deals with sales-assisted voice commands and conversation analysis. Once enabled, Wingman joins your BlueJeans meetings and displays integrated cue cards to assist your reps in any conversation. Automated 'cheat sheets' including talking points, battlecards, and objection responses instantly improve your sales team’s product knowledge through in-meeting voice commands.

Wingman’s real-time coaching and voice-activated documentation support strengthen confidence in any new or seasoned sales rep. Within the BlueJeans desktop app, integrate Wingman with your calendar invites to help your team succeed with better customer calls. Wingman listens to your meetings, tells reps what to say, and creates a higher likelihood to win more deals.

These two apps add extensive value to BlueJeans Meetings for customer conversations. Imagine the potential velocity of an average sales cycle when every rep is keyed into the subtleties of their contact’s needs while speaking as a subject matter expert...BlueJeans wants to help your teams get there!

Want to push more prospects through the pipeline, faster? Integrate Gong or Wingman with BlueJeans Meetings for intelligent sales with a competitive edge.