Inequality for All, a documentary featuring former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich, was simultaneously screened on 250 college campuses across the country last week, followed by national live webcast of Professor Reich doing a Q&A on stage at San Francisco State University. The live Q&A portion of this event was co-sponsored and streamed by Blue Jeans Network, CCS Presentation Systems along with Visionary Solutions.

Inequality for all won a Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival showcasing Reich's, extensive economic and labor experience during the Clinton's presidency, and his perspective on how the massive consolidation of wealth by a handful of individuals threatens the viability of the American labor force. Reich was humorous and engaging while deconstructing the issue of labor economics and fundamentals of capitalism for a mass audience.

Blue Jeans and our partners, CCS Presentations Systems along with Visionary Solutions are honored to be selected to co-stream this event. As a company, we are focused on developing a platform that enables higher education students and professors to communicate, collaborate and educate, on a global level. Blue Jeans and our partners are pleased that we could help enable this educational experience and look forward to working with more schools to make this kind of forum easily accessible to all of higher education.