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Helping a Health Tech Innovator Maintain Its Inclusive Culture Amid Rapid Growth

Responsible for outfitting multiple corporate offices with all of the IT resources needed to scale the business, the facilities IT manager at a fast growing, digital health company made finding a scalable, cloud-based virtual meeting solution a priority.

While BlueJeans had played a key role in keeping the company’s growing team of employees connected since 2013, an acquisition led the facilities IT manager to review all of the tools being used internally and found more than one meeting solution; along with a multi-vendor room system hardware.

With seven offices nationwide and almost 1,300 employees, the company needed to consolidate to just one scalable, cloud-based virtual meeting solution that would enable easy-to-join team check-ins, large-scale all-hands meetings, and ad hoc huddles with people in different cities.

Because of this, the facilities manager sought to better understand the ways employees use BlueJeans not only to strengthen their connections with one another and expand the company’s inclusive culture, but also to maximize their meeting solution investment.

The BlueJeans account team invited the facilities IT manager and team to visit BlueJeans headquarters to learn best practices in person, where the team had the opportunity to see how BlueJeans Events was used to hold company all-hands meetings. They also witnessed BlueJeans with Dolby Voice Room, and were impressed with how the solution provided world-class audio and video to provide an elevated user experience in a meeting room. The visit made it easy to envision applying these use cases to meet the company’s needs.

The company’s meetings now take on a variety of formats—from high-stakes executive round tables to smaller, internal development discussion—using BlueJeans Events, Meetings and BlueJeans Rooms-as-a-Service (RaaS) with Dolby Voice Room.

Delivering admin and tech support for all executive meetings—both in-house and ones that include people outside the company—the IT team is responsible for providing the ideal environment to maximize meeting productivity, connectivity and help boost the business.

During these meetings, the Facilities IT Manager relies on BlueJeans Command Center to monitor meeting volume, getting a clear picture of how people are using the platform, and troubleshooting any connectivity or performance issues.

BlueJeans Events is used for monthly all-hands meetings. These information-packed, town halls often feature Q&A segments so employees can ask questions via chat that leaders answer live. The scalability of BlueJeans Events makes it possible for all 1,300 full-time employees to easily join all-hands meetings from wherever they are. BlueJeans also makes it easy for the IT team to facilitate the gatherings. While the executive team focuses on worry-free presenting, the IT team takes care of the rest. Since their visit to BlueJeans HQ, their use of Events has steadily increased.

Furthermore, the engineering department now uses BlueJeans to host brown bag lunches on various topics, as well as road shows to demonstrate their software products. BlueJeans provides employees from all teams and levels with a seamless way to collaborate, and the IT team enjoys the benefits of accessible, dedicated support teams.

 “It’s nice for employees to know that, if they have something to share, their voice can be heard. We love BlueJeans, and we have a great relationship with our account and tech support teams,” says the facilities IT manager.

As part of the facilities IT manager’s efforts to get more out of the BlueJeans investment, the IT team decided to launch training sessions for employees to ensure they understand the scope of what BlueJeans does and encourage them to use it more often for audio and video conferencing. The most recent session received overwhelmingly positive feedback, which will be integrated into future training—and as adoption increases across the business, the IT team can integrate more insights derived from Command Center into employee trainings as to areas where users may need extra help.

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