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Mic echo is one of the most common issues that users are confronted with while on a video call, and one of the most aggravating. It’s distracting and annoying, and trying to fix it monopolizes meeting time that would be better spent discussing business matters. In this guide, BlueJeans provides helpful tips for how to adjust your computer’s sound settings and steps you can take to reduce and eliminate mic echo in your video and audio meetings.

How to Adjust Computer Sound Settings to Fix Mic Echo

When not using a headset and relying on PC speakers and mic, changing the computer's sound settings can help minimize echo issues. Follow the steps below for either Windows or Mac configurations.
Windows Configuration:
1.    Open the Control Panel and click on Sound.
2.    Select the Recording tab, right-click the microphone being used, and select Properties
3.    Select the Enhancements tab, disable all enhancements, and click Apply.

Setup step 1

Mac Configuration:
1.    In System Preferences, click on the sound icon.
2.    Click on Input, and un-check the “use ambient noise reduction,” and close the window.

Setup Step 2

Other Steps to Reduce & Eliminate Mic Echo

Place speakers far enough away from your microphone

If you are using a laptop mic with external speakers, place the speakers farther away from the mic and reduce the volume to a comfortable level. For those who have external microphones, move the microphone about a foot away from the speakers, though you may have to run tests until you find that sweet spot.

Avoid typing on an unmuted mic, and step back from the laptop when using hands-free mode. You can also reduce the volume microphone level to 50 percent or less and reduce or turn off the microphone boost option.

Turn off electronic devices

If you are still experiencing echo when your speakers and microphone are placed apart, try turning off other electronics in the area - the cause of the echo may be that the microphone is picking up their sounds. These could be televisions, radios, or even nearby computers.

If the echo continues, turn off your speakers to test if they are the source of the problem. If turning off your speakers resolves the issue, consider using an alternative audio source, like a headset, to reduce echo.

Close any programs not in use 

By closing all other programs, you can free up more processing power. Some computers have an echo cancellation feature, but it could be compromised on high CPU load. Ending a few processes can help enable that feature.

Turn off other recording devices

Sometimes the problem is related to other recording devices, not the microphone. Changing the features may help eliminate the echo. To turn off other recording devices, use the steps outlined for Windows or Mac listed above to find the audio options, then uncheck all of the recording options except for the microphone in use.
Reset the internet connection

A mic echo problem may be as simple as a poor internet connection. Reset the connection and check to see if the echoing stops.

Avoid using microphones in poor weather conditions
Sometimes microphone echo is due to bad weather, like thunderstorms. A weather-related echo is beyond your control - the issue will not resolve until the weather improves. In the instance your microphone echo is related to a storm, the best thing to do is to turn it off your electronic devices to avoid damage from potential power surges.

Use a headset

If none of these options are successful, use a headset or headphones instead of speakers. This is an easy way to get rid of echo.

Though the initial fix to mic echo may be tricky and annoying, the improvements will likely only require a one-time change with each computer set-up, and they will lend themselves to a stress-free and more productive meeting experience. Once you’ve mastered the mic echo fix, you can pass these tips onto other members in your organization, helping to deliver better meetings company-wide.

Background noise can also be greatly reduced

At BlueJeans we incorporate Dolby Voice which provides natural, high definition sound with background noise suppression

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