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Finding Inspiration in Teams at Microsoft Inspire 2019

Microsoft Inspire may have come and gone, but our Teams Gateway cloud video interop for Microsoft Teams is still available for FREE for a limited time! We’ll get into that in a minute. In the meantime, let’s go over some highlights from one of our favorite partner events of the year.

Theme 1: Teams, Teams, Teams!
With this one quote during Inspire’s Corenote (a.k.a. keynote), Natya Sadella set the stage for what was to come in the days ahead:

“The one product that has had an absolute breakout year is Teams. Teams is the hub for teamwork. It’s really four things in one, right? It has chat, it has meetings, it brings together collaboration using all the richness of Office tools within that same scaffolding. It’s the business process workflow. That’s what Teams is about. It defies, even the category definitions that are there out in the marketplace. And that’s what’s driving this tremendous momentum.”

It's true. Teams has had a standout year, both from a customer growth and partner perspective. With more than 13 million daily users and nearly 56% of all team collaboration adopters (according to Nemertes Research), Microsoft Teams has a major market opportunity on it hands.

From a partner standpoint, Microsoft sales teams are now being incentivized even more on Azure consumption and co-sell wins with partners—something that was noted in several sessions at the conference. The *Microsoft Teams Overview breakout session provided the following stats:

  • Calling and Meetings: 68% of customers are planning to invest in UCaaS in the next 12 months, which highlights confidence of customers moving workloads to the cloud.
  • Teams Solutions: 36% YoY growth in partner revenue. Microsoft is expanding its partners collaboration practice to include Calling and Meetings workload to their practice; Partners are also able to increase their revenue by 36% when they add Teams to their practice.
    *Source: Forrester 2019 Microsoft 365 Enterprise TEI study commissioned by Microsoft

Theme 2: Microsoft’s Continued Commitment to Partners
With new programs and incentives for partners, Microsoft made it very clear last week that partners are a big priority:

Theme 3: Attendee Excitement About Partner Opportunities – Including BlueJeans!
BlueJeans provides an opportunity to help customers accelerate their digital transformation to the modern workplace, and you’re excited about that! Our booth at Inspire was full of Teams Gateway promo buzz, where we had the opportunity to meet with people from more than 51 countries to explain our latest Gateway offer—FREE cloud video interop licenses for one year to help with your Microsoft Teams integrations!

Designed to help customers deploy Microsoft Teams effectively in their room environments with very low risk, our offer is for organizations of all sizes. For companies with less than 1000 employees, we’re offering two concurrent connections for existing (SIP/H.323) video conference rooms. For those with more than 1,000 employees, we’re offering five concurrent connections!

With Microsoft Teams, users stay in the same workflows they use today, and our SaaS Gateway ensures deployments are easy to install, with advanced security and real-time analytics capabilities. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get 12 months free today

For more information on how our our Gateway works with Microsoft Teams, join our webinar with Irwin Lazar of Nemertes Research on Tuesday, July 30 at 10 AM PT.