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Polling in BlueJeans Events

We're excited to bring yet another level of interactivity to BlueJeans Events... polling! Polling is a great way for presenters to interact with audiences, ask questions, and collect feedback—all in real-time. This feature makes it easy to keep large audiences engaged and gauge if people understand the concepts being presented.

There are all sorts of ways to use polling during your BlueJeans Events presentations. Get ready to explore a whole new layer of real-time interactivity!

Here are a few great ways to use the polling feature in Events:

  • Want to see how much the audience knows about a concept before you begin? Shoot out a quick poll to know how much context to give.
  • Trying to keep the audience engaged during a long presentation? Ask a question at the end of each section of your talk.
  • Need to see the locations participants are from in order to relate? Collect that info with a quick poll question.
  • Looking for a little feedback on your presentation? Ask the audience to leave comments on your performance.

See Polling in Action



Try polling for yourself with a free trial of BlueJeans Events.